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Graveyard Keeper – Anatomy, Theology and Writing Tips


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1.Gentle Butcher and the Surgery techs both almost fully eliminate the chance of screwing up the removal of a part, thus get Butcher as soon as you can afford it, makes life much easier. Surgery is kinda useless as by the time you can get it, you’ll have burgers to munch on, from inquisition quest line.

After unlocking alchemy (by talking to Clotho in the swamp):

2.Do not invest into Alchemy Storage and the other techs until you’re ready to create your alchemy stations and have wooden beams and advanced glass cones accessible.

3.It is necessary to have both tier 1 and tier 2 alchemy workbenches built at the same time, as it is not possible to craft 2 reagent recipes in the tier 2 bench.

4.Getting Embalming Liquids early might seem kinda pointless (most embalming fluids require tier 2 alchemy workbench), but if the player has blue points to spare in the mid-game, unlocking Embalming and Embalming 2 allows access to Fridge Pallets, which are cheap (flitch, nails, and complex parts) to make and provide room for 2 corpses, for indefinite storage.

5.Embalming Liquids 2 and 3 should only be gotten once the player has constructed an alchemy workbench 2, and more importantly, when the player starts receiving corpses with 4 or more red skulls.

++Embalming is not necessary to beat the game, but it does help with improving your corpses enough that marble decorations become useful(those aren’t necessary to beat the game either), and can further improve your…adjutants.


1.Softness of faith should only be gotten once the player gets the merchant to provide tier 3 goods, and only if the player has unlocked Assembly Stand tech in building.

2.Smell of faith should only be unlocked once the player has alchemy table I, the hand mixer and mill built. Pheromones requires access to alcohol, smooth marble and alchemy workbench II(which takes wood jointings, requiring building>assembly stand). You CAN however use the incense II in the tier 1 censer, so you could make use of this tech partially if you don’t have marble available yet.

3.Prayer for prosperity is one of the best prayers early ingame. It has decent stats for a starting prayer, but also provides blessings of commerce. These items can be sold to merchants for 1 silver to speed up their progress to leveling up(You can get the miller and farmer to tier 3 from just selling them 1 of these). Other npcs might take a few to reach higher levels though (blacksmith barely reaches level 2 after selling him about 3 of these).

++This allows you to unlock powerful trading offers earlier, as well as decide when said merchant levels up( for instance, leveling up the blacksmith to tier 2 will allow you to sell steel and complex iron parts to him… but since right after lvl up his stock will only be 1 of each, his buy price will be WAY higher, you can prepare for this and sell a good 15 of each and make a killing, roughly 70 silver early)

4.Price of faith: mediocre tech, kind of a waste of 20 blue points early, the cardinal perk only makes it so you get 1 more copper for each gravescore point you have. Get this perk only when you can confidently make a gold star combo prayer (60 church score required for success) as that’s the best money and faith prayer ingame. Until then, the only 2 prayers you’ll want will be a prayer for prosperity and a (bronze) prayer for inspiration.

5.DO NOT GET Graveyard Enchanchement (misspelled?) and the following techs after Cremation. Cremation is a really good tech to have early, but what follows it is not really worth the blues… maybe get it late game to make your graveyard look that extra bit nicer…

6.Try to postphone unlocking Stone Gravestones early if possible, as getting it early before Stone Carving 2 gets you very little to work with(stone grave fence only).

7.Shining of faith requires access to gold and jewelery table.

8.Marble gravestones are not necessary to beat the game (get them only if going for a maxed out graveyard, with properly embalmed bodies)

9. Superpower of faith is hella expensive, but gives confessional II, which is really affordable to build, and provides 2 faith and silver-gold stories on interaction.


1.Inventing Stories, Writer’s Inspiration Playwright- Should all be obtained further on, when the player is interested in finally aquiring a gold quality prayer book.

++Writer gives a 30% bonus, Playwright gives 60% bonus, building a desk II instead of desk I gives an extra 20%, and if under the effects of prayer for imagination, you can get an extra 70%.

+This means that you will be able to turn bronze stories 70% into silver pages, and combine those into gold chapters sometimes, so try to only use bronze stories early, before you get this setup, as silver is guaranteed gold.

+When making chapters, try to mix and match silver and gold pages, to save on gold pages used.

2.Old books can be salvaged with some sand at the desk, for some early paper and blue points (after bishop teaches you how to gather sand ofc.)

3.Paper Crafting should be gotten as a priority, after being able to produce the complex iron parts necessary to build the workbench.

4.Writing supplies should be gotten once you’re able to make ink (alchemy workbench I). Before then, you can make yourself bronze quality prayers by just buying a bronze chapter from astrologer, saves you the need to buy this tech and costs roughly as much as the ink and feathers would otherwise…

5.Books tech is really only needed for prayer for imagination and the combo prayer. Until you have enough blues to unlock playwright as well, avoid getting this.

6.Get writer’s inspiration only when you have access to lenses (Assembly Stand).

7.Paper Production is a luxury tech, one can obtain bat wings easily by going at dusk( until midnight) in the swamp to the north(3 bats), or on the hill to the north-west(3 bats), and further past the blockage (4 more) daily, for plenty of paper early game.

++That being said, this tech requires at least alchemy workbench I, to make white dye for the paper.

8.Complex printing press is a scam. I’ve tested this on a brand new game started in breaking dead update, with zombies and stuff, both presses are identical, they take the same reagents to make flyers, they take the same energy, they do so at the same speed. Literally a waste of points to get this…

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