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Graveyard Keeper – Cookery List and Sources

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Cookery List and Sources


The important cooking recipes are:

Simple and Tasty: You get this from your basement chest. Decent once you get firewood/coal
++You get apples every time you go to the lighthouse( there are a total of 5 gatherable trees there, but 3 start out as chopped, and you should shovel the stumps up so they regrow)
++Mushrooms are a good early source of green points, however digging green vine-bushes is more effective early on and, later on , farming will provide enough green points for all your green needs, as well as better food options.
++You can also buy apple saplings from clotho the witch starting at 3 silver each, after you provide her a health potion ( cauldron route is long and tedious, and stupid, faster to get a potion from the dungeon for her… )
+These apple trees that you grow are overpowered, as they will be harvestable for 15 apples each when ripe, definetly the best deal for your “orchard/garden”. This makes it so you can get really cheap strong alcohol by using apple ferment instead of wine.
+If you do visit Clotho, be sure to buy 6 frogs each trip, you will need 10 total for a quest for perfume later on. They’re cheap, and once you catch a frog (using a butterfly/moth as bait in village pond at low range) you’ll be able to make sliced meat out of 3 frogs.

Cake+: Obtained from Dig, the hillbilly on the road to the lighthouse, he asks for 5 honey.
Cake is always gold quality, requires pastry dough(+1 egg,1 milk /4 dough) 5 berries (cost is negligible as player will be gathering any and all berry bushes early game anyway) and 1 honey.
++The main reason why this recipe is good to get is that the buff it provides is only given by pies (early-mid game) and it allows obtaining extra blue points(+1) per each item researched, but provided you always consume cake or pie before researching, you will end up with a decent amount of blue points, especially when researching stuff for alchemy.

Good Carbs: Pasta is crap, but doesn’t require lint. Lasagna is good, but requires lint, which is a♥♥♥♥♥♥crop. Both these recipes are unlocked by giving an iron axe(any durability) to the woodcutter stationed north of TRES the carpenter. They give a buff that makes working with an axe or pickaxe easier.(basically only useful early, when you can’t afford to make them)

Jelly:One of the starting recipes you get as soon as you kill the slimes for the blacksmith. It is feasible to make them. 4 slimes spawn daily at dawn in the swamp behind your house, the 3 green jellies you make total 75 energy, – the honey which provides 15 raw, each slime jelly(mob drop) ends up providing roughly 8 energy surplus(-6 energy trying to kill the slime with starting sword). As long as you get the slimes lined up and hit multiple at once, it’s really good, but nothing to go out of your way for.

Vegetable Dishes: A tech you unlock after you speak with the farmer about crops, the carrot cutlet is the only good dish, and is really easy to make, provided you buy seeds regularly from him and use peat. This dish alone makes each carrot worth 24 energy, and can be used exclusively until something better like pies or wine is unlocked.(Try to buy at most 12 seeds/ week every 2 weeks)

Sweet Baking(2silver): Muffins are great. 4 dough 1 honey = 20×4 energy.

Pies(1silver): Get after you have grapes, replaces cake.

Soups: You get this by giving clotho a silver star pumpkin. Really good cheap food, they provide a bonus that gives +1 to the rate at which you regain energy in sleep, but getting a silver pumpkin early might be a reason why you end up skipping them in favor of pies/wine.

Tasty and Healthy(X): Don’t buy this, not worth it. Only reason you’d get it is for baked pumpkin, but sauerkraut does the same thing.

Fish Delicacies(X): Don’t buy this, not worth it, by the time you have the fishing rod and bait to catch good fish, you’ll have moved on from energy problems.

Beer Snacks: These recipes are unlocked for free after bringing a bronze onion and talking to the inkeeper. It has to be bronze quality. I recommend just buying one off the farmer, as it’s not worth buying the bronze seeds when silver ones are available. The onion rings are a decent value recipe by themselves, but after eating them, beer will restore 13 more energy for 2 minutes, which is ok-ish, not that you’d consume beer, since wheat is better used in making paper, and the little beer you do need (31) is for quests.

Fish Dishes: The fisherman teaches you this for free. Fish fingers required for an achievement…
Fish soup and baked fish are a pretty good food source if you like fishing…( the buffs themselves are completely trash tier as fishing is stupidly easy though)
++Fishing by the waterfall, across the river, with bait, you can catch red fillet x1 fish(bronze quality) by fishing close range, and white fillet x3 fish by fishing long range.
++Better yet, fishing above the waterfall, at the small wooden bridgeway in the forests, close range can yield bronze AND silver star red fillets, allowing an early completion of fish kebab quest.(4 silver star fillets)

Fish Kebab: You get this by delivering some silver star red fillets to the gypsy baron(lol). Don’t even bother doing the quest if you don’t intend to fish a lot. The quest is easier to complete with the tier 2 or 3 fishing rod using steel lure. The kebabs themselves are powerful potion substitutes before alchemy tier II table, and make clearing the dungeon a bit faster.

Nectar of the Gods: You get to make mead, 50 water + 3 hops + 1 honey = 10 mead, which at gold quality is a measly +3 life +20 energy(it’s worse than beer, but after you got a water pump you could do this to get even more energy than you know what to do with)
++You get this recipe after you hold your first witch burning “sale”, where you serve 10 gold quality beer and 5 gold quality burgers for 33 silver, 2 or 3 times ( i forgot). You then deliver 1 beer to the inkeeper and he’ll allow you to go take his mead recipe from the table upstairs in his room…
+-The mead isn’t affected by beer thirst buff, and there is no way to make it restore more energy. (digestion potion only works on cooked foods, not raw foods or drinks)

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