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Graveyard Keeper – Farming and Nature Tips

Farming and Nature

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1.Simple and complex fertilizer techs, as well as the Gardening tech should only be gotten once the player has an alchemy worktable 2 available BECAUSE:

–the boost fertilizers only increase the speed at which crops grow, and while they can be gotten earlier with only a tier 1 alchemy worktable, they are generally useless, as time is not important when growing crops ( you plant and forget, come harvest next week or when you stumble across the grown crops)

–High quality fertilizers ONLY affect crops with quality. Growing wheat, carrots, etc. should only be done with peat as fertilizer, since the quality fertilizers require ash to make, and are only needed when trying to boost your seed’s quality and get more gold seeds.

–As with quality fertilizers, the farmer perk only affects seeds with quality to them. Carrots, wheat, and whatnot will forever give the player 4 or less seeds.

2.Master Gatherer: I’ve taken this tech early in 2 of my early game tests and figured out one thing: This perk is completely garbage. What it does is increase the amount of stuff you get from gathering flowers, berries and mushrooms by 1, and unlocks red mushrooms. This is bad early BECAUSE:

–For berries that’s a really marginal increase, and once the player has actual good food(pies, wine or honey 4 dayz) berries should only be gathered in case of missing a few green points.

–Red mushrooms are mostly useful in mass producing quality fertilizer II and are not necessary otherwise

++this tech does seem to make it possible to get double butterflies/moths from flowers, but getting those is kinda pointless, unless needing the chaos extract.

-+Double mushrooms is most of the reason why this could be good, as early game, baked mushrooms are an ok food until better stuff is unlocked, but it has such a short lasting window of usefulness that it doesn’t matter much.

Basically get this tech once you have alchemy workbench 2 accessible, and only when you need the fertilizer.

3.Grape farming: This tech allows you to build trellises for growing grapes, after you’ve completed the required inquisitor quest.

–You can grow grapes even before completing the Inquisitor’s quest for unlocking the vineyard building bench, by just restoring some of the damaged trellises. This also bypasses the need of obtaining this tech early on.

++With peat and bronze quality grape seeds (buy 4/week ) you can get an easy source of food, as they can be made into grape pies(1 silver recipe) for a better usage of pastry dough than cake.

++6 grape pies can be sold weekly for a tidy profit of 3 silver and 25ish copper at the tavern

++try to repair the shortcut behind the house to witch hill as soon as possible, as it is quite cheap.

++the follow-up tech of winemaking is god tier for food production, as there is no balancing to drinks in the game, you can guzzle alcohol without repercussions.

4.Beekeeping and Insects:
Beekeeping: This tech is misleading, as you can gather honey without this tech, just that the beeswax doesn’t have a chance of dropping until you get it.
Insects: Pretty much only required once alchemy is obtained of if the player needs to fish early game and wants a *free* fishing pole ( for 6 moths ).

4,5.Bee Domestication>Bee Friend: These techs are for those who are too hipster to grow grapes.

–Building the beehouses is a total pain as they each require 20 bees, which can be rarely obtained from beehives.

++It is most advantageous to buy up to 12 bees a week from the beekeeper in town, to kickstart the hives. He restocks wax and bees by 2 a day, unlike other vendors who only restock by 1.

++The wax and bee droprate from built hives is considerably better than trees.

++BeeFriend is basically the main reason why you’d get these techs, as it makes bees no longer damage you and almost doubles the honey you get/ gather, making honey worth eating raw, as you’ll be swimming in it.

++The 2 honey trees to the north-west + the 4 honey trees scattered in the hill on your way towards the quarry are a good source of farmable honey, especially if going to mine coal or going to the quarry.

5.Brewing: needed only once the quest for the inquisitor requires you to provide 30 beer and 15 burgers (both gold quality) for the witch burnings. This quest however is really important, but you should only get it once you have gold quality onions and hops (aka at least tier 1 quality fertilizer required).

5,5. Digestion: this tech is kinda useless, it offers 2 alternatives for obtaining alcohol in the followup tech, but it isn’t even required to get Strong Alcohol tech, one can skip it after Winemaking(which is required and really good)

6.Blending: Winemaster perk is not worth the cost(luxury perk). It just gives you higher chance to make higher quality alcohol and boosts the restoration effects of bronze and silver wines BUT:

–This can be counterproductive, as from silver grapes, instead of making silver wine(needed for quests) you might accidentally make a gold quality batch.

++Silver wines restore enough as it is, and gold wines almost fully refill your energy anyway, without this perk.

+It is advisable to simply “breed” alot of gold quality grape and hops seeds using tier 2 quality fertilizer, and then one can alternate between using silver quality fertilizer every 3-4 growth cycles and peat in between to keep the seed count stationary.

7.Zombie Gardening: Cheap tech, get it as soon as you’ve got at least quality fertilizer I craftable, and can afford to spend the faith to get some zombies working crops.

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