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Graveyard Keeper – Late Game Money Making

Saving up for Aristocrat papers? Need a list of what some NPCs buy items for? Want more money so that you can buy books from the astrologer? Read my tips on making money in Graveyard Keeper.

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Using speed potions will help you out tremendously. You can buy them from the witch in the swamp for 1 silver per potion. You can also make them yourself upon building the alchemy workbench II.

That teleportation stone the tavernkeep sells for a measly 2 silver? Buy one. It is re-usable. It lets you teleport home, to the tavern, to the lighthouse and to the marble quarry with a cooldown attached to it. Just delivered those food crates to the warehouse? Teleport back home to deliver more.

You can move items like crates and wood logs while carrying one by running into it. This helps you do things like getting crates to the warehouse quicker. If you have issue with the item being pushed going up or down while pushing left or right such as when getting crates to the warehouse I find it easiest to put down the crate I’m holding to the left or right and picking up the wayward crate and trying to push the crate on the ground again.

Doing the merchant’s food crate deliveries will probably be your best bet at making money. So in order to maximize the gold he provides you need to know how to abuse the game a bit. When the merchant arrives he grabs all the goods on the pallets in the warehouse. He also grabs them upon leaving. If you throw extra crates in or near the warehouse you can take advantage of this to sell 10 crates of food in a week instead of just 5.

Selling stuff to merchants

For the merchant I just sell gold quality red wine, gold quality grape pies and pumpkin soup. Cooking is not the best moneymaker but it gives you something to do while waiting for the merchant’s day to come around to sell all those crates of food and it doesn’t require you to be at a station holding down the craft button for the most part. The bad thing about cooking is that most of the recepies that the merchant buys can’t be queued up multiple at a time.

Prices per sold item for the merchant:

  • Gold quality salmon 43c
  • Silver quality royal fish 28c
  • Gold quality royal fish 48c
  • Cake 69c
  • Grape pie 91c
  • Golden red wine 1s68c
  • Vegetable soup 40c
  • Cabbage soup 29c
  • Pumpkin soup 44c
  • Lentils 22c
  • Onion rings 14c
  • Baked kebab 36c
  • Burgers 29c
  • Toasts with onion 15c
  • Silver ingot 12s25c

The weapon smith is nice to sell to. Especially since if you run out of iron it’s an excuse to run to the marble quarry and hope you get some silver nuggets while digging up iron with that tech tree perk. I like to sell rank 2 shovels to him. Especially if the shovel is close to breaking I just sell it to him and make another. Much cheaper than potentially having to buy a new whetstone at 10s.

  • Steel ingot 1s43c
  • Steel part 1s 40c
  • Iron ingot 57c
  • Simple iron part 44c
  • Complex iron part 86c
  • Nails 20c
  • Shovel rank 2 5s 25c

The carpenter. Great to sell that almost broken axe to.

  • Beam 39c
  • Plank 7c
  • Flitch 4c
  • Billet 8c
  • Bronze quality carved wood 44c
  • Axe rank 2 5s25c
  • Gold quality Steel Chisel 2s45c

The stonemason. Great to sell that amost broken pickaxe to.

  • Stone 21c
  • Carved stone 1s27c
  • Polished Stone 65c
  • Marble 70c
  • Polished Marble 1s42c
  • Bronze quality carved marble 2s61c
  • Pickaxe rank 2
  • Gold quality Steel Chisel 2s45c

Ms Charm

  • Jewelry 68s47c

The astrologer

  • Silver quality book 13s26c
  • Gold quality book 26s52c

The Bishop. Buys non-book based sermons for.

  • 75c for copper quality
  • 1s5c for silver quality
  • 2s25c for gold quality
  • And buys book based sermons for
  • 1s12c for copper quality
  • 2s25c for silver quality
  • 3s38c for gold quality

The witch. Only seems to buy speed potions and frogs from you.


My graveyard had a 528 rating and my chapel was rated at 70. This netted me 28 faith and 55 silver when doing a gold quality combo prayer. Those small improvements you make add up eventually to more gold per sermon. You also get that sweet sweet 1s50c per burial.

As for whether its worth buying candles from the Bishop in order to improve your chapel rating for that sermon… probably not? I haven’t tried it. I doubt that paying him 1 silver for a candle will have a return when it comes to 1/70 the score of my chapel and the benefits are temporary. I ignored buying and making incense also.

Dungeon Delving

Don’t be afraid to progress through the dungeon. Once you get those speed potions backtracking in order to kill all the enemies on the floor seems less of a chore. It is also nice when you get far enough in the dungeon to find silver, gold and diamond deposits. The silver and gold gives 9 nuggets and the diamond deposit gives 5 diamonds.


I don’t really consider fishing a good form of making money. Although… there is that 200 fish fishing achievement that is available if you’re an achievement hunter. And it is nice to sometimes do things other than running back and forth for the merchant.

I did the math for trying to catch goldfish with a golden lure with a gem and it comes to 44 silver worth of fish if you catch the goldfish and tuna and sell it all to the fisherman. If you don’t catch that goldfish you spent 5 silver for the golden lure with the gem and catch roughly 7 silver of fish. I caught 1 goldfish, 6 silver quality tuna and 3 copper quality tuna in one haul. If you turn the tuna into quality fish fillet and bake it into 3 Baked Salmon then sell it to the tavernkeep you can get roughly 28c per baked salmon. This is roughly the same amount you would get from selling the tuna to the fisherman. If you get lucky and it becomes 3 gold quality baked salmon you can sell it to the merchant for 43c per baked salmon.

I also tried fishing for salmon at the waterfall. I caught roughly 18 silver worth of salmon and carp with one golden lure with the gem which put me back 5s. If I were to turn that fish into blue fish fillet and sell it to the merchant as royal fish I would get 48c. The salmon giving 3 fish fillet and the carp giving only 1.

Then theres is fishing for golden crucians in the river. Although this fish gives 4 blue fish fillet and 1 gold nugget upon being harvested it requires either gudgeon or anchovy to catch. This means you have to go catch those bait fish in order to catch golden crucians as the fisherman doesn’t sell you bait fish.

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