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Graveyard Keeper – Smithing and Building Tips


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1.Glass should be unlocked after unlocking “The concept of dirt”, by talking to the episcop the week after you unlock church. Making glass takes time and energy digging the sand, but awards an easy early game source of red points. Making bottles provides an easy but slow source of blue points.

++Sand is easy to get, so there is no excuse not making glass in one or 2 of your furnaces. Keep all but maybe 1 of your furnaces working at all times to get easy points and progress faster.

2.Imborn blacksmith: this tech is a good quality of life improvement, as it indirectly increases the longevity of your iron supply and lowers energy and time costs spent manufacturing at the anvil.

This tech is best gotten in the early game, after the first week; Otherwise if you already have ample coal supplies and made yourself an ore storage and stone cutter up the mountain rendering iron an infinite resource, it is totally possible to play the game without this tech.

++While it improves iron bar efficiency by 33% for nails and simple parts, it improves iron bar efficiency by 50% for complex parts

3. Weapons>Martial Skills: These skills should be avoided, you don’t need “good” equipment too early on, and you’ll end up unlocking Steel Weapons separately anyway.

++It is entirely possible however to not craft a single weapon though as there is a merchant that comes at night above the lumberjack in the village and sells weapons and armors. This merchant however is unlocked later on in the quest chain with miss charm’s necklace.

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+The cost for a damask sword with gem(required for quest and best weapon) is 1 gold 50 silver, but the sword itself requires a steel sword, 3 gold inlays and 1 gem, the cost of all those totalling way more than 2 gold if bought separately.

++The recipe for Steel armor is really cheap, costs some sticks and complex iron parts, as oposed to iron armor which costs lots of skin.

4.Engineer: You’ll need this after you’re halfway the marble tech tree and it helps slightly when carving marble busts. Getting it early = shooting yourself in the foot with a cannon. The water pump is more of a luxury, and you’ll still need water buckets for paper glop later…

5. Rules of Burning: This tech is pretty much a luxury tech as it doubles the iron you can smelt at once, while taking slightly less time and fuel total.

–It is highly recommended to improve yard space and construct a total of at least 3 furnaces anyway(max 6), to provide a good source of points early and to get stuff done faster. This also bypasses the need of getting Advanced Smelting until later on, after you’ve unlocked Precious Metals.

6.Glassblower 2: the complex conical flasks require tier 2 furnace to craft, and are required once the player is ready to tackle alchemy. The lens requires assembly table to craft, but that doesn’t matter much because lenses are mostly used to make steel chisels for working marble busts, which means you got those techs by then anyway.

7.Iron Castings: Prioritize this tech after Circular Saw in building tab, but before Assembly table.

++Noteworthy: It is cheaper to upgrade furnaces from tier I to II rather than building them at tier II, but it’s cheaper to build furnaces at tier III directly once possible, instead of upgrading them 2 times.

-The upgrade eats a lot of energy.

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1.Sawing and Woodworking should be the first techs you get, period. Woodworking allows you to make flitch into planks, which is the fastest, cheapest, least energy demanding, non-tool damaging, red point source available.

2.Unlock firewood tech after building your first furnace, so you can clear the blockage to the north-west that prevents you from getting to the (coal,iron,stone,marble) extraction area, and get Mining tech before going there, so you can use coal instead of firewood for fuel, because screw firewood, wedges are the reason you get this tech.

3.Woodcutter: You get this tech mostly just so you can fully clear the graveyard’s left side and your base area’s dead trees. Until you need to do that, don’t bother, waste of blue points.
++Maybe after getting zombies unlocked, and digging the 2 zombies in the rubble(yes, there should be 2, if you only dug out one, go check again) it might be worth getting this to get zombie woodcutting and build the zombie sawmill for infinite steady supply of wood.

4.Precious Metals: Get this tech before unlocking the Steel techs, as it’s impossible to make steel without making graphite first, also the chances to get precious nuggets earlier won’t hurt.

5.Circular Saw: Get this tech once you’re sick and tired of not having a shortcut to your church’s basement, basically when you start thinking about building your alchemy laboratory and spending more time there.

Note: getting to Snake is possible earlier, as the first blockage from the basement of the house is cheaper to remove, not requiring beams, thus unlocking the shortcut to the town does not require it.

Issue:Mortuary is poorly designed, and the tunnel to it takes alot more time than just getting to it from outside.Also repairing the hatch might cause more harm than good, as it will inevitably increase the player travel distance to retrieve the corpse.Corpses inside the mortuary will decay slightly slower than outside, but you will still want to put them on a table/pallet asap.

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6.Related Ore: Bad tech atm that clutters your inventory space and is only useful in alchemy later on, or if you want to get to the miner and gems> Best Friend techs in the late late game. Limestone is white powder, mostly used for white dye, in candles and paper, and sulphur is life powder, kinda useless…

7.Stone carving 1 and 2 : I personally try to get these both at the same time, as only with stone carving 2 can you start churning out proper gravestones really efficiently. RUSH these before the steel techs, and get Stone Gravestones at the same time. This will provide lots of red points and useful grave decorations.

8.Tricks of the Trade: Albeit relatively cheap at the point of reaching this tech, it’s situational. You will want to get it mostly only after getting to the Grave Monuments tech, as it will allow you to make 2 carved stone out of 1 smooth stone, effectively making the carved stone stuff cheaper in faith. You’ll also need to have it before starting to work with marble busts.

9.Assembly Stand: This table is necessary to make steel equipment and lenses, jointings are needed for lategame stuff, etc.

+-Plank red points are lowered to 1/plank at this station, not that it matters much at this point.

10.Marble techs: Unlock them only after you are able to embalm corpses with all white skull bonus substances, as the marble stuff do NOT reward blue points on crafting and can only be studied for the blue points roughly paying back their blue point cost, while providing an overkill of grave decoration until the later stages of the game.

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