GreedFall A Name for a Family Guide

A Name for a Family Guide

Quest Giver: In New Serene talk to Constantin and Vasco (afterward)

You will get this on the road at your camp. Speak to Vasco and he will give you this quest that takes place in New Serene. You will want to have a Naut outfit before you get into this one. when you get to the docks Vasco will mention drugging the Naut so you can avoid killing them. The game says sleeping pills but you can just buy the sleeping potions from the merchant in the area and they will count.

Next head to the tavern and speak with the lieutenant down there. You can pay him off of persuade him, your choice but make sure you succeed. With the Naut being drugged and you having the Naut outfit on, you can walk right up to the Port Master’s office and get what you need. Jump the fence near the office, blow the wall or get the key from the crate nearby, and go upstairs to find the file.

You will gain rep with Vasco and assuming you haven’t pissed him off, he will become friendly with you.


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