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GreedFall A New Threat Walkthrough

A New Threat Walkthrough

The Attack on Hikmet

The quest will begin after you return to Constantin after completing the quest Face to Face with God. Go to Burhan and then proceed to the place where the scouts left. Talk to the outpost commander. If your charisma is insufficient to convince him, you’ll have to fulfill his assignment. Go to the cart and talk to soldiers. Follow the indicated markers and kill the enemies. Next, repair the cart (you’ll need level 2 craftsmanship). After this, the outpost commander will tell you about the trackers. You’ll also increase your reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

Go to the scouts, talk to them and descend to the islander camp. Talk to Daren and then help her repel the animal attack. At the end, you’ll face a thug – use dull weapon to break through his armor. Once you are victorious, report to Burhan.

Reward: 2000 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

The Attack on San Matheus

This mission will begin after you return to Constantin once you have completed the quest Face to Face with God. Talk to Mother Cardinal, move to the outpost and help repel animal attacks. You’ll have to deal with three waves. After this, follow the marker and go to another location to find a scout. Having killed the monsters, cure the scout by giving him a health potion. You’ll get a key. Open the chest and grab the info. Move to a new location, kill the enemies and fight against a corrupted monster. This will be a very strong monster. Once you have defeated the creature, report to Mother Cardinal on everything.

Reward: +3 to reputation with Theleme, 2000 experience points, 150 coins.

Talk to Constantin about Your Worrisome Discoveries

When you help both cities, talk about everything with Constantin.

Where Madness Goes

Interrogate the soldier to learn that Constantin wanders somewhere at night. You’ll get a key from the office. Read the document that can be found in the office and then move to a new location and help the exiles kill the monsters. Go upstairs and ambush. When Constantin arrives, go down, kill the animals and follow the marker. Watch a cutscene and defeat the next corrupted monster. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

The quest will begin immediately after the previous mission. Go to the indicated place and defeat Constantin’s escort. Go down to the cave and get to the far adit to find the notes. Talk to the islanders’ leader whom you have chosen by handing him a crown. After this, head to two different sanctuaries where you should defeat powerful monsters and then place the seeds. When you do this in both sanctuaries, the quest will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Together for Teer Fradee

You’ll have to ask five different factions for help: Coin Guard, Bridge Alliance, Theleme, natives and Nauts. Obviously, only those who are friendly to you will agree. This quest is not obligatory since you can complete the mission Breaking the Links without it. Whether you can make an alliance with everyone or some faction will not go with you, you’ll later have to talk to Glendan. Do this. Then, gather your companions at any camp fire. Listen to all of them.

Assault on the Heart

Follow the only route to the mountains. You will need to fight at several outposts and each time one of your companions will leave the squad. Ultimately, you’ll have to fight against the final boss on your own. After the victory, decide what you will do – kill Constantin or establish a relationship with him. Watch the final cutscene.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

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