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GreedFall A Peculiar Alliance Guide

A Peculiar Alliance Guide

Quest Giver: Speak with Ullan, the leader of Vignamri to trigger the side quest.

Head over to the Hikemet Region and talk to the Governor of Burhan. Your conversation with him will lead to another side quest “Attack of Caravans.” Use the map indicator to locate a merchant who is harassed by the soldiers. There are multiple choices here – you can threaten them, use Charisma, or use your intuition to save a man.

Give the trade permit to the merchant and head back to Ullan to tell him about the upcoming emissary. You must wait two hours before going back in to speak with Ullan yet again. Now you go to the Vighulgsob Village in the Magasvar “The Vale of the Great Battle.”

Find and talk to Mordun; you will either be able to use Charisma to convince him or let Siora clarify the situation.

Go back and speak with Ullan, tell him what happened. You will now have 6 hours to join the peace talks. Head to the specified area and stop the ambush set for Murdun. Now return to Ullan; speak with a treacherous man and gain +4 reputation with Natives faction. Complete the secondary mission and get 1900XP.

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