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GreedFall Attack on Caravans Guide

Attack on Caravans Guide

Quest Giver: During the side mission “A Peculier Alliance,” speak with Governor Burhan.

Speak with Captain Reinhild and she will direct you to the merchants who managed to survive the assault. Speak with them and go to the location of the caravan attack. Head over to the location and search for clues before moving to the next indicated area. Kill the beast and search the human body nearby.

GreedFall Attack on Caravans Guide

Keep following the map to reach the Rebels. Kill them and move forward where you will find another Rebel in a camp you can talk to. You have the option to fight or leave them alone. Now head over to Captain Reinhild and let her what happened. Sparing the Rebel’s life will get you +2 reputation with the Bridge Alliance faction and 1400XP.

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