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GreedFall Camp of the Ordo Luminis Walkthrough

Camp of the Ordo Luminis Walkthrough

This side quest starts after you complete the storyline quest Face to Face with the Demon. You’ll have a choice – go to Verdhais or inform the Mother Cardinal about the impending assault. We have chosen the first option, but if you follow our steps, you’ll get -2 to reputation with Theleme at the end of the quest since you will have to report to Mother Cardinal anyway. Thus, you’ll be better off informing her in advance. Talk to Eseld in her village and convince her to help Derdre in the battle against the inquisition. You’ll need charisma or level 2 intuition.

GreedFall Camp of the Ordo Luminis Walkthrough

Head to the bastion of the Ordo Luminis at San Matheus and attack from the rear. Kill as many enemies as possible, acting stealthily, and then fight your way to the building. Deal with the enemies, remove the key from the box and open the cell. Find various clues at three floors and then go outside and defeat the enemies in the nearby courtyard. Go towards the site of the meeting between Derdre and Eseld. Derdre will recognize you as an ally. This will help you during the side quest Dirty Traffic.

Reward: 1900 experience points.

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