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GreedFall Champion Of The Arena Guide

Champion Of The Arena Guide

Quest Giver: Go to the arena at the Coin Guard Tavern and join the arena.

The Coin Tavern area is where you can take down waves of enemies. Each wave is tougher than the last. The challenge is made up of 5 rounds and each round puts you in 3 battles with various enemies. Your HP will restore between battles but enemies get tougher with each battle. It is best to start the area battles when your character has more skill and power. However, you can test your might very early on in GreedFall.

The Coin Giard Tavern area is a great place to earn XP. Moreover, if you manage to take down the boss – Nadaig Menaeimen you can 100XP and two-handed sword. The boss has a lot of armor so Dodge and parry his attacks, heal your companions with Magical Healing and Mass Healing abilities.

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