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GreedFall Demoniacal How to Solve Drums Puzzle

One of the missions you come across in the game is “Face to Face With The Demo.” The players go deep into a swamp to try and find a demon you saw in a vision.

Head to the swamp and walk toward a hermit who is going to tell you about some people who tried to investigate the area.

How to Solve Drums Puzzle

Follow the mission marker and explore each highlighted area. Make sure you explore the entire area properly. You will find a chest with two items inside. There are a journal and a demonic potion, both needed to complete this quest. Once you have explored everything head back to the old man who will answer your questions, and he will ask you to play some drums.

Go to the center area and locate the drums he asked you to play. Keep in mind that it is crucial to play each drum once, if not, the sequence will break and you’ll have to fight a mob to earn another go at the drums. Here’s the drum order you need to follow:

  • Yellow Insect
  • Frog
  • Red Snake

Once this part is done you will be able to progress to the next part of the quest.

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