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GreedFall Demonical Cult Walkthrough

Demonical Cult Walkthrough

Head to the indicated location and talk to Ephesia. Go to the village and talk to the shaman and Derdre leader. Talk to the locals – they will be highlighted with ordinary markers on the map. First, a girl near the table will want to talk to you. She will be followed by the man on the hill – only in that order. Go back to tell Ephesia about everything you have learned.

Go to the girl to whom you spoke first. Ask for help so that she distracts a nervous man. She will agree but ask for Ephesia’s hat. Go to the woman, she will provide you with her hat. Give the hat to the girl and go up to the house. When the man leaves, go inside and examine three different objects highlighted in orange.

After this, talk to Ephesia again and then follow the marker and sit in the ambush, waiting for the night. Follow the man and make sure to hide when he stops. After the second stop, you’ll have to kill several flying creatures. Do not worry, it’s impossible to lose the chase here. Follow the marker once you have eliminated all opponents. The man must disappear, and you should examine the place of worship.

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If you fail the surveillance part (you get discovered), you’ll have to kill the man and get -1 to reputation with the natives. Listen to the protagonist’s words since it’s a tip. Examine all stones with candles to learn what they symbolize. After this, light the candles in the following order: wind, lightning, fire, death, water, life. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to deal with flying creatures and start again.

Go inside and watch the cutscene. Talk to Derdre. Try to intimidate, and then defeat the warriors of light who stand in the nearby. For this, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives.

GreedFall Demonical Cult Walkthrough

Reward: 1700 experience points.

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