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GreedFall Dirty Traffic Walkthrough

GreedFall Dirty Traffic

This quest starts after the quest Contraband. Talk to admiral Cabral and then go to San Matheus. Go to the local barracks, talk to quartermaster and three officers who are upstairs. At some point, sergeant Franz will stop you. Leave the barracks and go to the meeting place at the church gates. Talk to him on different topics.

You may immediately attack the sawmill with the captives or visit the village of Vedlog and ask for Derdre’s help. You will not be able to convince her, so you’ll have to use the branch with the level 3 intuition. If you do not have that many points of intuition, do not waste your time – don’t go to Derdre. On the other hand, if you have completed the side task Camp of the Ordo Luminis, Derdre will provide you with allies without any checks.

Head to the sawmill at San Matheus and kill the guards. Go inside and release the captives, having talked to the woman in the blue dress. Go outside and meet your allies. Hide behind the logs at the side by pressing C. Defeat two groups of solders and talk to different characters including Manfred in New Serene.

Reward: 1900 experience points, 50 coins, +2 to reputation with the Coin Guard.

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