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GreedFall Disappearance Among the Nauts Guide

Disappearance Among the Nauts Guide

Quest Giver: Speak with Vasco in the Great Departure quest. Vasco wants to know what’s going on with the disappearing Naut recruits.

Speak with Laura about the Naut recruits and she will direct you to a tavern. Go to the specified location, enter the tavern and speak with the innkeeper as well as the suspicious customer. Both of them will give you information that’ll direct you to the kidnappers of the Naut recruits. Speak with Lady Fontaine and you will know what’s going with the disappearing recruits.

Head back to Vasco and let him know what you learned about the ongoing problem. Now speak with Mr. De Courcillon to get further evidence about the entire case. Then head to Lady Fontaine’s estate and locate the note on the ground floor. Go to the designated warehouse, down the stairs.

There are two ways to complete this.

Choice #1 – Use Charisma or everything you know from Sir De Courcillion to complete this without bloodshed. If you complete this side quest without bloodshed you’ll gain +2 reputation points for the Congregation of Merchant.

Choice #2 – Complete this with bloodshed which is the easier way to go. However, you will lose reputation points with the Congregation of Merchant.

Jonas is in the cell, release him and go back to Vasco to complete the Disappearance among the Nauts side quest. You will get 1000XP.

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