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GreedFall Find Queen Bladnid Guide

Find Queen Bladnid Guide

Quest Giver: Speak with Siora after completing Battle of the Red Spears main mission.

Go to Vedrad “The Red Woods” speak with Captain of the Outpost. Here you will come to know that Siora’s mother has passed away. Go to her body where Siora will pay respects to her mother. Go to captain and use Charisma to get access to the body of Siora’s mother.

In case your Charisma isn’t enough to get the body, you’ll have to force them and come up with another way. Go and get the letter from the Captain’s quarters. Now look for a key to the chest but you can use the lockpicking skill to break into the chest to get the evidence you need. Go to the designated area and hide behind the rocks by crouching and watch the cut-scenes.

When the cut-scene is over, take down the smugglers and talk to the captain. Go back to Vendrhais and speak with Eseld. You now get +3 reputation with Siora and 1000XP.

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