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GreedFall Forever a Naut Guide

Forever a Naut Guide

Quest Giver: Complete all of the above-mentioned side quests and speak with Vasco to get this quest.

Go to New Serene to speak with the Admiral. You will be told to find the Oriflamme ship wreckage. Head to Wenshagnaw “The Singing Waters” and keep following the marker that’ll lead you to a cave.

At the other side of the cave, you will find the shipwreck. Investigate the shipwreck and interact with every interactable object you see. In the end, you will reach a small cave with a monster inside.

Taking down Nadaig Glendemen isn’t easy as it has plenty of armor and HP. It uses a combination of attacks. It can go underground, create a shield around itself that wounds and rebels attacks.

If you think you are not strong enough to fight him, you can come back later and try again. Take the captain’s diary after you win the battle and return to the admiral. Now take Vasco to the tattooist to get a tattoo. The side quest will be completed at this point and you get 1400XP, +5 reputation with Vasco.

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