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GreedFall Heretic Hunt Walkthrough

Heretic Hunt Walkthrough

Go to the port area and talk to Captain Vasco about heretics. He will tell you about smugglers which are kept in the jail of Serene port. Head to Nauts territory which you should have visited during the quest Coin Guard Merchandise. In the building where you have found the ship log, you’ll find a jail key in the same room – you may have already taken it.

Go past this building. Ahead, you’ll find an entrance to the guarded warehouse. Stairs are located on the left side while the other passage is on the right side. Go to the right, then to the left and watch the fence on the left side. It will be with white paint, and you can climb over it. Do this, remove the wooden lock and enter the jail. Talk to smugglers and agree to a deal. They will say that two heretics are hiding in the Nauts’ warehouse. If you wish, you can free smugglers, applying the jail key to the grate, or leave and forget about them.

Now, get back to the building where you have found the ship log and the jail key. Look at the guarded warehouse entry. Turn to the left and see the stairs. Climb the stairs and descend the other stairs. Sneak to the backyard through a hole in the wall, climb the stairs and enter the warehouse.

GreedFall Heretic Hunt Walkthrough

Talk to ‘’heretics’’ and decide what you will do. If you arrest them, you’ll get the reward from Theleme ambassador. If you release them, you’ll have to tell Theleme ambassador about the escape. However, there is an option to negotiate with the Bridge Alliance ambassador. Go to him and talk about everything. He will agree to help you. Leave the building – you’ll automatically talk to historians. They will provide you with 80 gold coins.

Return to Theleme ambassador and decide what you will say to him:

  • Tell the truth. You’ll get -1 to reputation with Theleme.
  • Lie. You’ll get +1 to reputation with Theleme.

Reward: 1000 experience points.

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