GreedFall Hikmet Choices & Consequences

GreedFall Hikmet Choices & Consequences

Hikmet Choices & Consequences

GreedFall features an array of choices that have different consequences and rewards.

As with all games that heavily feature choices & consequences, some are very minor and others may have lasting effects throughout the story. As such, this is an evolving guide that we will continue to update as we move through the game.

Intimidate, Charm Or Pay The Debt Collectors

This is during the quest for Vasco, Family Reunion. When you reach the Debt Collectors you have several choices.

Pay now
If you pay, they free D’Arcy and leave.

Ask them if you can pay later
They agree to give you time to pay, although they will keep the hostage. Return to have the same conversation choices.

Intimidate Them (Charisma)
If you choose this and fail, it becomes the same as Attacking Them. If you succeed they release D’Arcy for free.

Attack Them
If you choose this option you fight the Debt Collectors.

Threaten, Reason, Warriors (A Peculiar Alliance)

Threaten The Warriors
If you threaten the warriors they will attack you and you must kill them.

Reason (Charisma)
If you charm them and you succeed, they flee the area and the merchant survives.

Tell them that some troops are approaching (Intuition)
They flee immediately and the merchant is fine.

Attack The Rebels Or Leave

Attack the Rebels
You wipe out the rebels. You get Bridge Alliance Reputation +2 when you return to the Captain.

If you decide to leave them you also get Bridge Alliance Reputation +2 when you return. This may have lasting effects. Will update as we progress.

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