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GreedFall How to Unlock Bed Scenes

How to Unlock Bed Scenes

You can achieve the maximum level of relationship (and unlock the corresponding achievement) only after the bed scene. To do this, we recommend completing all the quests of a certain companion to reach friendship. Then, save your progress (fast save – F5) and start a conversation. Memorize the selected phrases and look how your potential partner reacts.

Sometimes, it is shown in the answers themselves, but reputation is a much more important indicator of your success or failure on the romantic front. Notifications of increase/decrease of reputation will appear on the screen. It is important that the person likes your answers while your relationship stays at a friendly level. In case you run out of dialogue options, start the conversation again – you’ll see an option to invite the character on a date. If your companion does not like what you say or you see that reputation decreases, just reload the game and select other options.

After this, you’ll need to visit your residence in one of the towns and go up to the second floor where the bedroom is located. However, you will not see explicit scenes: the heroes will kiss in their clothes and then the camera will go dark. After this scene, you’ll have a choice – say that you love your companion or confess that it was a momentary weakness. If you choose the first option, your relationship level will switch to love, and you’ll get an achievement.

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