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GreedFall Islander Knowledge Walkthrough

Islander Knowledge Walkthrough

This is the first quest from Aphra. Talk to her and agree to help. Follow the marker to the indicated location. From there, you should move to the entry point in the upper right corner which will allow you to get to a new area, Cergganaw. Move forward and help the natives in their fight against monsters. You’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives and then automatically move to the previous location. Talk to Morian and Yewan after the cutscene.

Follow the elders, hiding in the bushes when they stop. Spend some time on the ledge until the elders leave, then descend and kill the monsters. Move deep into the cave. Bend down so that you are not detected and descend. Ultimately, the elder will tell you to leave your shelter. Talk to him to complete the quest.

Reward: 1000 experience points, + 3 to reputation with Aphra, -1 to reputation with the natives.

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