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GreedFall Mr De Courcillon’s Research Walkthrough

Mr De Courcillon’s Research Walkthrough

Exploration and Cartography

After you have talked to Constantin, de Courcillon will stop you at the first floor of the palace upon your arrival to New Serene. Talk to him and get the quest. You will have to set several camps in various places. That’s all. Here’s what you should do: visit such places and search ‘’question mark’’ icons on the bar at the top of the screen. Follow them and make bonfires. If you find all bonfires in a certain region, you’ll get 100 experience points. When you activate all camp fires, talk to de Courcillon to complete the task.

Reward: the Explorer achievement and 500 epxerience points.

In Professor Serafeddin’s Footsteps

The quest is provided together with the questExploration and Cartography. You should find several professor’s notes. While the bonfires are marked by ‘’question mark’’ icons on the map (more precisely, the interesting places are marked – bonfires may be there), the notes are not marked at all. You’ll have to examine each region separately. Fortunately, the map is covered in ‘’fog of war’’ so you’ll know which places you have already visited. Notes, just like other quest items, are highlighted in orange (ordinary items are highlighted in yellow). For locating all notes in a certain region, you will receive 200 experience points. Talk to de Courcillon when you find all of them.

Reard: 1000 experience points and an achievement.

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