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GreedFall Naut’s Secrets Walkthrough

Naut’s Secrets Walkthrough

Admiral’s Secret Service

Quest Giver: Admiral after completing Treason!

This quest will begin automatically after you talk to admiral Cabral in the New Serene port at the beginning of Petrus’ quest The Sins of Father Petrus. Talk to captain Ruben and his three assistants in the New Serene port. Go to the tavern, deal with drunkards (or do not interfere), talk to the innkeeper and then to the man standing next to him. Ask him three questions.

GreedFall The Admiral’s Secret Service Guide

After this, move to the cache behind the bridge and examine the stones. Climb the hill and wait for darkness. When the messenger runs back across the bridge, follow him. You should not hide. Having reached the customer, talk to him. If you simply intimidate him, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Thus, you should use your charisma and then talk to admiral.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Nauts.

The Spy from Theleme

This quest begins after you have completed the previous one. Head to San Matheus and go to the port. Talk to the second mate and then go to the pier and talk to the woman by the ship. Head to your residence and wait for the night, then go to the tavern and talk to Alba’s father.

Head to Wenshaveye village. Follow the marker, bend down and overhear a conversation (a hint telling you which button to press will appear at the screen). Then, save the prisoner. If Petrus is in your squad, you’ll be able to convince the detective to leave this place. Talk to the prisoner.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Nauts.

Sub Rosa

This quest starts immediately following the quest The Spy from Theleme . Go to the village and talk to the rescued native. Head to the indicated cave. It is also related to the quest The Suffering of Constantin as that’s where the missing villages are located (as well as the white tenlan lair). Make your way through the cave until you find Alba’s corpse. You’ll get -2 to reputation with the Nauts. Perhaps, it was somehow possible to avoid this outcome. Search the corpse to get the diary and learn the name of the real villain. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 1900 experience points

The Enemy Within

The quest starts automatically after you complete the quest Sub Rosa. Go to admiral Cabral to the port administration of New Serene and report about everything. You will immediately get +3 to reputation with the Nauts. Talk to the team members, go to the tavern and talk to a prostitute. Pay her or use your intuition. Interestingly, the option that allows you to intimidate her comes without any fines. Return to the port, stand at the indicated place and wait. Follow Ruben to the cache. Do not leave the shelter. Instead, decide to search the cache. Talk to admiral and then ambush Ruben and buyers. Having defeated them all, pick up two documents and take them to admiral.

Reward: 2200 experience points, +5 to reputation with Nauts.

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