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GreedFall New Selene Choices & Consequences

New Selene Choices & Consequences

GreedFall features an array of choices that have different consequences and rewards.

As with all games that heavily feature choices & consequences, some are very minor and others may have lasting effects throughout the story. As such, this is an evolving guide that we will continue to update as we move through the game.

Arrest Or Free Charlatan

If you arrest the Charlatan
You return to the quest giver and inform him of the arrest. You earn 3 Bridge Reputation points and 150 gold.

If you free the Charlatan
You free the Charlatan and receive 80 gold for freeing him, with an additional 50 for completing the quest and +1 Bridge Reputation.

Arrest Or Free Heretics/Historians

If you proceed with the arrest
If you choose this option both of the Heretics will attack you and you have to kill them. When you return to Theleme you get +3 reputation and 50 coin.

Propose to speak with the Bridge Alliance Ambassador
You return to the Bridge Alliance officer and speak with him. He agrees to offer them refuge. You get 80 coins. When you return to Theleme you can either tell the truth or lie. If you tell the truth you lose 1 reputation with Theleme.

If you lie, you gain +1 reputation with Theleme.

Let them be on their way
If you let them escape, they flee the area. If you tell the truth to Theleme you get -1 Theleme Reputation, if you lie, you get +1 reputation.

Coin Guard Merchandise Choice

The merchant is very clearly a scum bag and you will have some options on how to deal with him.

Scumbag or not, he doesn’t want to be put in prison. If you have high enough charisma then this is the easy choice that doesn’t cost you anything.

You can also offer him a bribe if you have 1 Intuition. He will agree to your terms, you don’t have to pay him, and you gain one rep with the Coin Guard. You don’t gain any points with Kurt but he does seem happy about this choice.

One way or another you are getting those goods. Go behind the merchant stall and clear out the thugs that attack you. I think there are five total so be ready for a fight. The merchant will surrender when he gets beat down enough and agree to terms as opposed to dying.

An Aspiring Merchant Persuade/Insist

When speaking with the Minister you will get two choices regarding the merchant. You can persuade, if you have high enough persuasion, or insist, which sends you off to explore the mansion.

If you can do this successfully then do so, the results are the same and this saves you time.

You will have to go up to see your old teacher in the Governor’s mansion. He is on the third floor, which can be access from behind where the Governor sits. Ask him for your help and return to the minister to get the patent. It takes longer but you get the same result.

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