GreedFall Petrus Quest Guide

GreedFall Petrus Quest Guide

GreedFall Petrus Quest Guide

The Vices of the Mother Cardinal

Talk to Petrus during your stay in the camp. The marker indicating the possibility of conversation will appear only after you have completed the storyline quest Old Countries in a New World. Head to the San Matheus palace, go up to the abbess and go through the door on the right side. Head to the upper floor and search the woman’s room. There, you’ll find a maid’s letter related to the basement. Return to the hall with the abbess and go through the door on the left to find a desk with a key from the basement.

If you go down to the basement right now, you’ll be stopped by the maid. Thus, you’ll have to equip with a servant outfit. Go outside and find a merchant on the other side of the palace square. He will be highlighted by the marker. Buy servant’s clothes – three comfortable vests. Having done this, return to the palace and go down the stairs. Go to the indicated room. The room clearly hosts orgies. Head to the far room and pick up a note. Return to the first room, examine a bottle of alcohol and pick up an earring from the floor.

Head to the tavern and talk to the innkeeper. Go down and talk to the guy who stands near the basement. He is the organizer of fights in San Matheus. From him, you will learn that the so-called Candy Cane likes to walk in the port at night. Go to the brothel at the same place and talk to the brothel owner. You can pay 50 coins or use your intuition (1 point). Talk to prostitutes, and one of them will recognize her earring. Question her. If you pass the charisma test, you’ll learn that the usurer also participates in orgies.

Talk to the innkeeper and the bookmaker (the fight organizer) to learn about a woman in a green coat. Head to the usurer and talk to him. If the prostitute told you that he participates in the orgies, you will not have to convince him. In the other case, you’ll have to go through some tests.

Now, it’s high time to interrogate Candy Cane. Follow the marker and talk to him. After this, the quest will be completed.

Reward: +3 to reputation with Petrus, 1000 experience points.

Dangerous Bets

This mission will begin after some time (after several storyline quests). Talk to Petrus and agree to help him. Head to San Matheus bookmaker and arrange a fight. Then, visit Candy Cane at night and convince him to make a bet against you. Give him 250 coins as all other options will lead to a fight and to a loss of reputation with the Coin Guard. Wait until the beginning of the fight, rewinding time 24 hours ahead, go to the arena and defeat the champion in a one-on-one battle. Return to Cornelia and talk to her to complete the quest.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with Petrus.

The Sins of Father Petrus

This quest will start automatically sometime after the quest Dangerous Bets. Talk to your companion, head to the New Serene port and talk to admiral Cabral. Go to Hikmet and talk to captain Lisandro. Pay 50 coins or apply intuition (2 points). After this, you’ll learn about Ullan – you have already dealt with him.

Head to the Vignamri village and talk to Ullan. Go to the next hut, but Slan will not be there. Interrogate the villages and then head to the indicated place and save the woman from animals. All you have to do now is to just talk with her and Petrus.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with Petrus.

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