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GreedFall Quest for Panacea Walkthrough

Quest for Panacea Walkthrough

The quest starts automatically after the completion of the mission Scholars in the Expedition. Head to the camp from where you have saved the scientists in the quest Scholars in the Expedition. Go to the hut and deal with the natives. You’ll get -2 to reputation with the natives but you cannot avoid this. On the other hand, the squad will learn where to search for the woman.

Head to the new region, Frasoneigad. Get to the village Vigshadhir. Talk to the two villagers highlighted by the marker. They will provide you with different quests. Go to the beginning of the location and go through the arc to the left. Follow the great hunt path, repairing the bells. If you do not have level 1 craftsmanship, take Kurt into your squad (if you are friends, he provides you with +1 to craftsmanship). Having repaired all the bells, return and talk to the villager to get +1 to reputation with the natives.

A woman will ask you to find Peddir. Follow the marker and learn that he lost his sight. Help him find all the ingredients. Everything you need grows in this meadow. Once you have collected the ingredients, hand them to Peddir. Return to the village and decide what you will do – reveal his secret or lie. The first option is better as the old man is blind and can’t stay in the forest.

Talk to the third character, Ongos. He is highlighted by the dialogue marker. Offer your help. You should find his seal. Open the map and see two markers. Start by going to the right marker to find the sacred seal near the stream with monsters. Having done this, return the item to Ongos. Thanks to this move, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives. Go to the left side of the map and talk to the woman who is located under the big tree to the left from the marker. Get to the cave entrance, and the task will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

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