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GreedFall Scholars in the Expedition Walkthrough

Scholars in the Expedition Walkthrough

The quest starts automatically following the quest Old Countries in a New World. Head to the indicated place and follow the marker to the top. Examine the destroyed camp. After this, follow another marker to find a corpse. Pick up a key from this corpse and open a chest at the small tent in the nearby. Having done this, continue following the trail to the swamps until you meet the natives. If you are able to use your charisma to convince them, you’ll avoid the battle. Anyway, you’ll be able to talk to the biologist.

Follow the woman until she leads you to the top part of the map to which you were not able to get. There’ll be a bonfire at that place. Go down to the ruins and fight your way to the marked door. Along the way, kill one guard to get a cell key. The other option is to break it later. Anyway, when you take out the hostages, you’ll have to accompany them back to the bonfire. Right before you reach the bonfire, you’ll be attacked by the natives. Defeat them and decide whether you spare or kill them. Accordingly, your reputation with the natives will increase or decrease by 1. Then, go to the bonfire – you’ll automatically get to Hikmet and will be able to talk to Burhan. The quest is completed, and you have obtained a new companion – Aphra.

Reward: 1900 experience points, +2 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

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