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GreedFall Scimitar Location

Legendary Items include Legendary weapons and armor sets in Greedfall. These weapons and armor are the best and most powerful of the game. They deal high damage and provide great protection but as expected, are tough to get.

Legendary weapons and legendary armor sets in Greedfall are to either found in a hidden chest or after you have fought a boss. You might get a key for these hidden chests and then you can open them.

GreedFall Scimitar Location

You will find this weapon in Glendgnamvar: The Shore of the Tall Bones. It is in the southeastern part of the map, on the way to Bedri.

Be on the lookout for a broken bridge with a corpse underneath it. Grab a key off the corpse, then move up to the bridge. Have your Vigor stat increased to at least Level 2 in order to leap over the gap.

On the other side of the gap, you’ll find a chest with the Scimitar inside.

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