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GreedFall Siora Quest Guide

GreedFall Siora Quest Guide

Find Queen Bladnid

This quest will start automatically following the quest The Battle of the Red Spears. We have stopped Siora from killing the enemy soldier and he said that her mother was captured. Move to the outpost at the same location and talk to the captain. After this, talk to the doctor. Try to use your charisma to convince the captain. If you fail, you’ll have to examine the barracks. Read the note on the table and another letter which is hidden in the chest with a first-level lock. Go to the meeting place, hide behind the stone and wait for the evening to come. Interrupt the exchange and kill the enemies. The captain will surrender and agree to return Siora’s mother body. Move to Vedrhais with her so that you do not have to get there by foot, then talk to Siora’s sister. At this point, the quest will be completed.

Reward: 1000 experience points, +3 to reputation with Siora.

The Queen’s Farewell

This quest will be provided by Siora after you find yourself at the next camp. Talk to Eseld, follow the marker and kill all animals. Bring two traps so that you do not have to return. Blow up two monster nests and then go inside. Having done this, you will learn that the ritual requires 2 incense burners and a special balm. Craft them at any bench in the camp (at the bonfire). For the incense burner, you need level 1 craftsmanship, the balm requires level 1 science. When you craft all the items, Siora will offer to return to the mound. Agree so that you do not have to go there by foot. Perform the ritual, completing the quest.

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Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with Siora.

Promises Set in Stone

This quest will become available after you talk to Glendan, the head of the Council, during the storyline mission The Trials of the Water. Take Siora to your squad and talk to her, then move to Vedrad. Talk to the preachers and then head to the other part of the location, kill the bandits and examine the destroyed stone. Return to the village and examine the keeper’s cabin. Move to another village and talk to Dankas. Go to Karadeg. If you can successfully use your intuition (level 2), you will not have to run back to Dankas. You’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives and with Siora.

Decide with whom you want to talk – Eseld or the preachers. If you go directly to Eseld, you will have to convince preachers to leave the village. In this case, you’ll get ‘’-1’’ to reputation with Theleme but gain +2 to reputation with the natives.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with Siora.

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