GreedFall Walkthrough

GreedFall The Attack on Hikmet Walkthrough

The Attack on Hikmet Walkthrough

The quest will begin after you return to Constantin after completing the quest Face to Face with God. Go to Burhan and then proceed to the place where the scouts left. Talk to the outpost commander. If your charisma is insufficient to convince him, you’ll have to fulfill his assignment. Go to the cart and talk to soldiers. Follow the indicated markers and kill the enemies. Next, repair the cart (you’ll need level 2 craftsmanship). After this, the outpost commander will tell you about the trackers. You’ll also increase your reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

Go to the scouts, talk to them and descend to the islander camp. Talk to Daren and then help her repel the animal attack. At the end, you’ll face a thug – use dull weapon to break through his armor. Once you are victorious, report to Burhan.

Reward: 2000 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

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