GreedFall Walkthrough

GreedFall The Battle of the Red Spears Walkthrough

The Battle of the Red Spears Walkthrough

The quest will start after you talk with Constantin at the palace in New Serene. Head to Vedrad. Talk to a man in a hut, go outside and climb the mountain along the trail on the right side. Siora should stop you and ask to go along the left path. That path is dangerous but short so you can reach the site before the end of the battle. If you do not listen to her and go to the right, her sister will die. Follow the path to the left, get to the marker and win the battle. Having talked to the sister, use charisma or intuition (1 point) to convince her.

GreedFall The Battle of the Red Spears Walkthrough

Having done this, search the nearest battlefield. There, you’ll find 5 survivors – you should heal them. You’ll be provided with three health potions, but you’ll have to spend two potions of your own. You have a bit more than 5 minutes but even if you do not succeed in time, the task will not be failed. On the other hand, you’ll get +3 to reputation with the natives if you manage to cure all survivors.

Follow the marker, examine the drawings on the ruins and then get to the flag. Decide what you will do – stop Siora or let her continue. We have chosen the first option, and the survivor said that Siora’s mother was captured. When you examine the flag, ruins and save all survivors (or wait until the end of the timer), the quest will be completed.

Reward: 1400 experience points, +3 to reputation with the natives.

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