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GreedFall The Cave of Knowledge Walkthrough

The Cave of Knowledge Walkthrough

The next quest will be provided by Aphra during the next halt. Talk to a girl. Talk to the young people that were saved before and head to Drogred. Follow the marker towards the knowledge cave and talk to four adventurers who stand on the left. Start by questioning them, then apply charisma or pay 100 coins so that they leave. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight.

You’ll get a seed for the gates of the knowledge cave. Another one could be found on the corpse near the tent. Go to the gates of the cave and apply the seed to the altar. One will do the job. Go inside and move to the spacious shaft. Examine two cave paintings, climb the ledge near the marker and go there. Get to the next marker and overhear two young people. Leave the cave to complete the quest.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with Aphra.

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