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GreedFall The Children of Teer Fradee Walkthrough

The Children of Teer Fradee Walkthrough


This quest can be started in San Matheus where you’ll go along the storyline quest Old Countries in a New World. After talking to the abbess in the castle, head to the exit from the town. At the door of your residence (you have a residence in each town), you’ll find a note. Read it, head to San Matheus forest and turn to the path on the left side that leads you down along the rocks. Get to the natives and talk to them. You’ll be provided with a key.

Go to San Matheus and visit Claudius’ house. Read the note on the first floor, climb to the second floor and find a key. At the exit, you’ll be stopped by inquisitors but if Petrus is in your squad, you’ll be able to get rid of them. Go to the Order headquarters and open the room on the right. There, you’ll find a chest that should be unlocked with the key you have found. Return to the natives. You were followed by the inquisition. Eliminate all enemies, helped by new allies. The quest is completed.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +2 to reputation with the natives.

An Aspiring Merchant

Approximately at the center of New Serene, you’ll find a merchant highlighted by a question mark. Talk to him to start the quest. Go to the palace and visit the room on the left. There, you’ll find another door that leads to the minister’s office. Talk to the man, go up to Constantin and move through the door on the right side. Go higher and talk to Mr. de Courcillon. He will provide you with a recommendation letter. Show it to the minister and then bring the patent to the merchant.

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The task does not end here. The merchant’s brother was arrested, and you should help him. Head to the tavern and go down to the arena. On the way, you’ll have to pay 25 coins. Having done this, talk to the arena manager and agree to fight against a captive hunter. Thanks to this conversation, a new quest Champion of the Arena will begin. Kill a man and then deal with animals. Dodge when they stand on their back paws. Together with the hunter, return to his brother, the merchant. The latter will tell you about his tribe in Vignamri and offer to speak to the leader Ullan. When you are ready, leave the town and go on foot to the ‘’globe’’ icon. Choose the desired place and go there. Then, you’ll have to walk approximately 500 meters to the village. Talk to the leader inside his hut to complete the quest. You may agree to complete a new side quest.

Reward: 1600 experience points.

A Peculiar Alliance

Quest Giver: Speak with Ullan, the leader of Vignamri to trigger the side quest.

Head over to the Hikemet Region and talk to the Governor of Burhan. Your conversation with him will lead to another side quest “Attack of Caravans.” Use the map indicator to locate a merchant who is harassed by the soldiers. There are multiple choices here – you can threaten them, use Charisma, or use your intuition to save a man.

Give the trade permit to the merchant and head back to Ullan to tell him about the upcoming emissary. You must wait two hours before going back in to speak with Ullan yet again. Now you go to the Vighulgsob Village in the Magasvar “The Vale of the Great Battle.”

Find and talk to Mordun; you will either be able to use Charisma to convince him or let Siora clarify the situation.

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Go back and speak with Ullan, tell him what happened. You will now have 6 hours to join the peace talks. Head to the specified area and stop the ambush set for Murdun. Now return to Ullan; speak with a treacherous man and gain +4 reputation with Natives faction. Complete the secondary mission and get 1900XP.

Reward: 1900 experience points, +4 to reputation with the natives.

Camp of the Ordo Luminis

This side quest starts after you complete the storyline quest Face to Face with the Demon. You’ll have a choice – go to Verdhais or inform the Mother Cardinal about the impending assault. We have chosen the first option, but if you follow our steps, you’ll get -2 to reputation with Theleme at the end of the quest since you will have to report to Mother Cardinal anyway. Thus, you’ll be better off informing her in advance. Talk to Eseld in her village and convince her to help Derdre in the battle against the inquisition. You’ll need charisma or level 2 intuition.

GreedFall Camp of the Ordo Luminis Walkthrough

Head to the bastion of the Ordo Luminis at San Matheus and attack from the rear. Kill as many enemies as possible, acting stealthily, and then fight your way to the building. Deal with the enemies, remove the key from the box and open the cell. Find various clues at three floors and then go outside and defeat the enemies in the nearby courtyard. Go towards the site of the meeting between Derdre and Eseld. Derdre will recognize you as an ally. This will help you during the side quest Dirty Traffic.

Reward: 1900 experience points.

Logging Expedition

Talk to elder of Vigyigidaw when you meet him during Aphra’s quest Islander Knowledge. He will give you a quest. Head to Cwenvar guided by the marker on the map. Arrive at the site where the islanders argue with lumberjacks. Having listened to them, talk to the doctor, examine three corpses and talk to the doctor again. Head to the hunters’ location. Kill two animals and then give the prey to hunters. Choose ‘’Discuss’’ during the conversation with them. If you have handed the prey, you’ll be able to avoid the fight.

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Having learned the details, head to New Serene to meet Mr. de Courcillon. Talk with him at the third floor of the mansion, go down to the basement and find a document in the archive. Show it to madame Morange who is living in the nearby. After this, you’ll be automatically transferred to de Courcillon. Having decided what to do, go back to Vigyigidaw village and talk to Dunncas. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +2 to reputation with the natives.

The Blood Price

The quest will start automatically after the mission Logging Expedition. Go to the abandoned mine and talk to the guards. Move to the right from the guarded passage and climb the mountain to see prisoners that work on the mine. Return to New Serene and talk to de Courcillon. Go down to the archives and find the ownership document. Bring it to madame Morange and then meet Mr. Maillard on the quay. Having talked, agree with de Courcillon about cessation of ownership rights and go back to the mine. Show the document to the guards at the entry, go forward and kill Maillard and his bodyguards. Then, release the prisoners from two cells by pulling wooden boards. Move to Dunncas and report on the completion of the quest.

Reward: 1900 experience points, +4 to reputation with the natives.

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