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GreedFall The Coup D’etat Walkthrough

The Coup D’etat Walkthrough


The mission will begin automatically following the quest The Prince’s Secret. You heard about general’s conspiracy when you performed Kurt’s quests. Now, it’s getting more serious: the general has moved from words to action. Fortunately, Kurt did not betray you. After the conversation with Constantin, run upstairs through the door to the right from the throne to find de Courcillon. Having warned him, go down to the first floor, killing enemies. Go through the double door on the right from the exit to find the economy minister. Having talked to him, go back to the stairs in the hall but go through the door on the left side. Descend to the basement and find a far room in the library. Constantin and his two advisers are safe.

Go outside and go to the left, to Morange’s house. Warn her and then visit the two messengers at the gates. You should either bribe one of them with 100 coins or use your charisma. It’s high time to deal with the general. Head to the tavern and go down to the arena. You’ll have to pay 50 coins. Kill two generals, convincing other soldiers not to engage in the battle. Move through the tavern to the Coin Guard building. Go upstairs. If you haven’t changed into the guard’s clothes, you’ll have to kill other soldiers when you enter the barracks leading to the third general. This will lead to -1 to reputation with the Coin Guard. Move to the general’s office and read the note on the table. Run to the port, but you won’t be able to catch up with him – the general will escape. Return to Constantin to complete the quest and close the Coup D’etat branch.

Asses the Situation with Constantin

Visit Constantin after the Treason! quest to find out that he is sick with malichor.

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  1. Did you really write this “guide” after only taking one course of action? You do know results vary based on your choices in this game right? You can catch the general.


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