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GreedFall The Hybrid Class Build

GreedFall allows its players to build all kinds of characters in order to give players the opportunity to define their own game-plays. Players can build through a set of Skills, Attributes, Talents, Gear, Amulets and Necklaces to achieve a desirable game-play.

The Hybrid Class Build

This build blasts off your enemies with poison while laying down sweeping elemental damage with two long swords.


Starting with the long sword tree, make sure that you get to the node that increases your basic attack speed, namely the Steel Squall.

Two Swords

Consider using two swords according to what you’re fighting, pump one of these up with as much armor damage as you can, to effectively put down those enemies defenses.

Use the secondary sword to focus on the highest raw damage possible.

Go ahead and level up the roll ability to the max in order to easily roll behind enemies and attack them in the back. This will increase your damage output and your fury generation, which powers your poison inflicting bomb. Add points to your pistol and rifle tree down to Impact Bullets.


Consider having enough points in Agility and Endurance to be able to use the best long swords and as much armor as you think you need. Add a few points in Accuracy as well.

Add one point to your trap ability and place them rightly during combat. These can also be picked up if no one triggers them so don’t be hesitant about using them actively.


Simply use the best gear that you have at the moment.

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