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GreedFall The Loose Cannon Build

GreedFall allows its players to build all kinds of characters in order to give players the opportunity to define their own game-plays. Players can build through a set of Skills, Attributes, Talents, Gear, Amulets and Necklaces to achieve a desirable game-play.

The Loose Cannon Build

Primarily for players who love shootin’ some guns. You don’t have to make use of your “ultimate” ability to make this build fantastic. The build can work very well earlier into the game, given that you invest into a good weapon. This build works very well in hard difficulty as well.


You will need to start off with the technical class which will unlock firearms and traps. For this build, you will need upgrades from the firearm tree, all the way to roll dodge.

While you will need upgrades for Stasis, all the way up to Shield of the Enlightened, although you will not need the Shield of the Enlightened for this build, so do not purchase it.

The most important upgrade for this build is Crystallization from Stasis which will deal an additional 50% damage to immobilized enemies.

Go to traps and level up all the way to Bond and its upgrades. Traps will be used during your early game when you will not have Phial Throw as of yet, so during this, the trap that you are going to use is your stasis one.

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Use your last four points on the upgrades above Dodge Roll, that will increase your fury generation and damage dealt from behind. These work with firearms as well. This build is good for its increased amount of crowd control.


For attributes, you will only need Accuracy Level 5, and a couple of points in Willpower, and for the third attribute, use your points in Endurance to Level 2.


The most important talent is Science for this build since you’re only using firearms. Level this up to 3, to craft more bullets with fewer ingredients.


Simply use the best gear that you have at the moment.


Either invest into a pistol or a rifle, whichever one you like. With the rifle, you will have more damage although your rate of fire will be lower. With the pistol, you will have a high rate of fire but your bullet consumption will be A LOT.

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