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GreedFall The Man With the Silver Coin Guide

The Man With the Silver Coin Guide

Quest Giver: The quest kick off once you manage to complete Coin Guard Merchandise side quest. You will find that quest elsewhere in this GreedFall side quest guide.

Once you have the quest go to the market to speak with multiple merchants and try to convince one of them to help you. There are two ways to get them to help you, Charisma and Bride. It will take 100 pieces of gold for a merchant to help you. If someone agrees to help you, wait two in-game days before the situation moves forward. You can wait for a while and do other things or head home and get some sleep to speed up the process.

Now that two days have passed, come back to speak with the merchant. Go and hide in the ally behind his stall and wait for the blackmailers to show up. Deal with them and loot their bodies. Looting their bodies will give you the location of the man you are looking for. Go to the specified location and watch the cut-scenes. Once the cut-scene is over, follow the man but make sure you aren’t spotted.

After a short time of following him, you will end up in a fight with the man you were following. Deal with him and loot his body for more clues. Now, head to Manfred’s and share the details of your side quest to complete the quest. You will earn +3 reputation with the Coin Gaurd faction, 1300XP, and 50 gold.

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