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GreedFall Trouble in Eden Guide

Trouble in Eden Guide

Quest Giver: Mother Cardinal in San Matheus

Following the storyline mission Old Countries in a New World, go back to San Matheus and obtain this quest from the abbess. Head to the indicated village, Eden, and talk to Father Lustinius. Question a few more priests (talk to Father Lustinius once again and ask a question about Eden) and the natives’ leader.

Then, examine the priests’ residence, go back to the leader and use charisma. If you intimidate him, you’ll lose your reputation with the natives. Talk to the woman who has helped her son to steal the tablets. Use intuition (1 point) so that she tells you where to look for the robbers.

GreedFall Trouble in Eden Guide

Follow the indicated path. When you come close, follow the path on the right as the illuminated path on the left leads through traps. Talk to Bran. You can use your charisma or find out what they need. He will ask you to negotiate with Derdre, the leader of the nearby village. Follow the marker and talk to Derdre. It looks like according to the authors’ idea, you should have completed the storyline mission Demonical Cult so that the hero could convince Derdre. However, we have managed to convince her before completing the above-mentioned quest.

Return to the robbers and tell them that Derdre will accept them in the clan. You will obtain the tablets that should be returned to Eden’s preachers. If you do everything as described, you’ll face the mother of one of the robbers once you exit their camp (when you grab the tablets). Having talked to her, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives. After the conversation with the preachers, when you hand them the tablets, you’ll get +2 to reputation with Theleme.

Reward: 1300 experience points, 50 coins.

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