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GreedFall Vasco Quest Guide

GreedFall Vasco Quest Guide

A Name for a Family

This is the first companion quest. One of the features of these quests is that you cannot deal with more than one mission at a time. The quests will stay in the journal, but you will not be able to start any new companion quest until you complete the active companion quest.

During one of the stays, an ‘’exclamation mark’’ will appear over Vasco’s head. He asks you to help in search for his parents. Agree to do this straight away – you’ll have to take Vasco into your squad. Head to the port. There, Vasco will say that you should make the guards sleep. Run to the merchant in the center of the town and buy four sleeping pills. They are sold on the tab with quest items. Go to the tavern, descend and go into the brothel owner room. You may use charisma, give a bribe (100 coins) or act smarter. If Kurt is in your squad, you’ll be able to let him intervene. Thanks to this, your request will be fulfilled.

Now you should dress up as Naut. To do this, head to the local merchant and buy a sailor’s coat – this should be enough. Head to the port and agree to wait for the night. Go to the building on the right side and jump over the fence in the alley to the left from it. Having opened the door, grab the key from the drawer. Enter the building from the back door. Do not worry, all guards are asleep. Take the personal file on the second floor and leave the place to meet with Vasco.

Reward: 1000 experience points, +3 to reputation with Vasco.

Family Reunion

This quest starts sometime after the previous Vasco’s quest, A Name for a Family. Head to New Serene and talk to Madame Morange. Follow the marker to the Clerk’s shop. Talk to her. Pay a bribe of 100 coins, use intuition (2 points are required) or charisma (we have passed the test even at a 50% chance). Move to Hikmet.

Head to the house of Ferhat and talk to the man on the second floor. Descend to the first tier and talk to the alchemist. If you pass the charisma test, you’ll learn about the thugs that were hired. If you haven’t passed the test, find a letter about thugs at the desk on the first floor. Go back up and talk to Ferhat. Go to the lane highlighted by the marker and find Bastien there. Talk to debt collectors. You can pay 200 coins or ask for the time to collect them. There are two other options – you can attack or use charisma (you’ll be successful even at a low level). If the fight begins, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants. Talk to Bastien. He will leave, and the quest will be completed once you leave the lane.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +4 to reputation with Vasco.

Forever a Naut

The following Vasco’s quest will become available sometime after the completion of the previous one. Talk to him during your stay. Talk to the admiral in the New Serene port. After this, head to the shore which contains ship wreckage. To do this, move to the village at the specified location and turn to the left on the map. You’ll see a narrow passage at the end of the stream. Get to the cave and use it to get to the shore. Inspect the corpses, a cage on the left and a hole in the ship opposite the cage. Head to the specified cave – a monster will rush out of it.

GreedFall Forever a Naut Guide

Use dodging in the battle with this monster. Run away when he starts to electrify. Try to distract the enemy with your companions. Do not forget about rage (Q key). After the victory, enter the cave and pick up the ship’s logbook. Return to the admiral in the New Serene port and show the item. Go to the tattoo artist, then the quest will be completed.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +5 to reputation with Vasco.

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