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GreedFall Warrior Skill Tree

GreedFall Warrior Skill Tree

To earn skill points you need to increase your character level by earning experience points. To earn experience points you need to kill the enemies and bosses that come in your way.

Other than that, completing all the quests in the game also rewards you with XP for you to unlock more Greedfall abilities.

You can also acquire skill points by discovering and activating the Skill Altars hidden in the game. You have to find these hidden objectives which are scattered around the world after you leave New Serene. The locations for these skill altars are written below:

  • Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones
  • Magasvar, Vale of the Great Battle
  • Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters
  • Tir Dob, The Black Lands

Warrior Skill Tree

The Warrior skill tree focuses on melee combat and techniques.

One-handed blades
Allows you to use one-handed weapons.

Sharp Steel
Increases 10% damage of one-handed weapons.

Cruel Steel
Increases 20 percent more damage to unarmed enemies when using a one-handed weapon.

Strong Kick
Kick stuns an enemy for a moment.

Devastating Kick
Destroys enemy armor with a kick.

Long Blades
It allows you to use two-handed blades.

Sharpened Edge
Increases two-handed weapon damage by 10 percent.

Cutting Breath
Increases the range of your attack.

Steel Squall
Reduces the attacks cooldown which increases the attack speed of your players.

Increases attack speed.

Powerful Fury
Increases the power of stunning.

Regenerative Fury
Fury restores health and armor points.

One-handed Heavy Weapons
Allows you to use maces, hammers, and axes.

Strong Grip
Increases 10% damage of blunt weapons.

Chained Attacks
Allows faster attack with blunt weapons.

Devastating Impact
Each hit stuns the opponent and throws them off balance.

Armour Breaker
Increases the power of attacks dealt with enemies with armor.

Two-handed Heavy Weapons
It allows the use of heavy two-handed weapons.

Iron Grip
Increases 10% damage of blunt weapons

Steel Wall
You are better at two-handed weapons.

Shock Wave
Heavy attack causes a shock wave that sends opponents off balance.

Seismic Shock
Increases the radius of the shock wave.

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