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Green Hell Crafting Notebook and Amazonian Cookbook

Crafting Notebook

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Includes current recipes and hidden ones.


  • Stone Blade: Small Stone 2x
  • Stick Blade: Small Stick 2x + Small Stone + Rope
  • Bone Knife: Bone + Rope
  • Obsidian Blade: Obsidian + Small Stone + Rope


  • Stone Axe: Wood Stick + Stone blade + Rope; Highest durability since it gets crafting skill bonus twice
  • Stone Axe (simple): Wood Stick + Small Stone
  • Blade Axe: Wood Stick + Stone blade 3x
  • Bone Axe: Wood Stick + Bone 2x + Rope
  • Obsidian Axe: Obsidian + Wood Stick + Rope


  • Weak Spear: Long Stick
  • Stone Spear: Long Stick + Stone blade + Rope
  • Bone Spear: Long Stick + Bone + Rope
  • Obsidian Spear: Obsidian + Long Stick + Rope
  • Four Pronged Spear: Long Stick + Small Stick 2x + Rope
  • Bamboo Spear: Bamboo

Other Weapon & Tools

  • Coconut bidon (canteen): Drinkable Coconut + Rope
  • Bow: Long stick + Rope
  • Arrow: 2 Bird feather + Small stick
  • Weak Torch: Wood Stick + Rope
  • Torch: Wood Stick + Rope + Tree Resin (from white petrified tree)
  • Hand Drill: Wood Stick + Small Stick
  • Tribal Firestarter: Small Stick 2x + Rope 2x

Medicines & Food

  • Leaf Bandage: Molineria leaf
  • Ash Dressing: Leaf Bandage + Ash from campfire remains
  • Antivenom Bandage: Leaf Bandage + Tobbaco Leaves


Done by right clicking harvestable objects

  • Bone needle (2x): Bone
  • Fiber (for tinder): Various herbs including tobbaco
  • Small Stones (5x): Large Stone
  • Wood Sticks (2x): Long Stick
  • Small Sticks (2x): Wood Stick
  • Bamboo Sticks (2x): Long Bamboo Stick
  • Larva: Rotten vegetatives
  • Maggot: Rotten meats
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Amazonian Cookbook

The Ultimate Bone Soup (and making soup in general)

  • Create a Small Campfire
  • Drag or put coconut halves (aka. coconut bowl) on one of its two slot
  • Make sure it’s filled with water
  • Drag a piece of bone into the bowl
  • Turn on the campfire
  • Wait until it is boiled, then feel free to consume it

Boiled Water

  • 1 Coconut canteen full of water
  • Put 2 coconut bown on each side of the campfire for maximum effectiveness
  • Pour the water to each of the bowl
  • Boil for a few minutes
  • Use a second coconut canteen if you want to collect the water

Antivenom Infusion

  • 1 Bowl of water
  • 1 Purple flowered/heart leaved herb or Tobacco leaves
  • Boil for a few minutes

Fever Infusion

  • 1 Bowl of water
  • 1 Amara Flower (big bush with red flower)
  • Boil for a few minutes
  • Will instead give you more fever because of a bug

Antiparasitic Infusion

  • 1 Bowl of water
  • 1 Cup shaped mushroom
  • Boil for a few minutes
  • Kill more parasite than if eating the shroom raw

Meat Stew

  • 1 Piece of any fresh meat
  • 1 Bowl of water
  • Boil the meat like usual
  • More nutritious but doesnt change sanity like roasted meat, use this to mask the sanity reducing effect of eating insects
Written by Owlie

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