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Green Hell Good and Bad Plants

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Guide about plants on this game, i included its common name for my own amusement. The name i put may be inmacurate but the description should be good enough.

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  • Red Cup Shaped Shroom: Cure Parasite and satiates a little amount of carbs, known as scarlet cup
  • Brown oyster mushroom that glows green at night: Small carbs but is safe, is listed as two different mushroom in the notebook despite of being the same mushroom, commonly known as ghost mushroom
  • Blue tree shroom: My guess it its some kind of mycena (is supposedly psychoactive, no effect in the current build)
  • Umbrella shaped shroom: similar shape as above’s above, this mushroom is called liberty cap and they are what we commonly refer to as magic shroom due to its psychedelic effect
  • Yellow tomato-looking Fruit (not the actual orange): Good for carbs and hydration. Is called cocona if i am not mistaken, might actually just a wild tomato
  • Cassava (Big brownish whiteish bulb): High carbs, cook/boil it first
  • Heart of Palm (From cutting medium palms): High carbs
  • Palm tree nuts: Alternative source of Fats

Not Edible

  • Ball-headed white-skirted mushroom aka. Stinkhorn: inedible, cause food poisoning (I learnt it the hard way). Sometime spit out gas (actually its spore) when harvested. Fun fact: In real life, this mushroom is supposed to be edible, because I’ve eaten one myself and dev better have reasoning behind this discrimination against unattractive looking mushroom
  • That green cassava looking scaly bulb you get from some random fern: Gives food poisoning
  • The same flower from the same fern that is obviously the above bulb in its blossom form: Also gives you food poisoning
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  • Banana Leaves: You can also make bandage out of it (But you actually can’t yet, but I just want to remind you that the developer intended for you to be able to make banana leaf dressing)
  • Molineria leaves: Can be made into bandage, know by its yellow flower, is easier to find by looking for its distinctively shaped leaves
  • Tobacco Leaf: Cure venom if made into bandage or stewed
  • Quassia Amara flower: (looks like cassava plant but has spear shaped flower): used for fever reducing stew. A famous decodition against malaria (once it gets into the game)
  • Heart leafed purple flowered herb: Cure venom like tobacco plant but can only be eaten or stewed. Its common name is Plantain Lily or specifically for this peculiar herb: wide brimmed hosta.
Written by Owlie

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  1. Not quite correct (maybe just outdated):

    “Heart leafed purple flowered herb: Cure venom like tobacco plant but can only be eaten or stewed…”

    It’s also combinable with Molineria leaves bandages and gives the “Lily Dressing”, ideal for healing rashes caused by wasp stings or ant bites.


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