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Grim Nights – House Glitch

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Grim Nights House Glitch.


This is a simple guide to tell you how to get as many houses ( I presume its endless) as you want by bypassing the 9 house limit.

How to

All you need to do, is start the construction for the houses but not finish it, then build another one, rinse and repeat.


You must start the construction of the houses before you finish 9 houses. Otherwise the limit stops you from building more.


Well thats all I have to say for now. Loving the game so far and I hope the dev keeps up the great work.

I am aware that this bug will probably be patched in the future as it lets you have an almost unlimites size army ( currently like 90 people in my town which I believe is above the limit).
But for now have fun with decorating your town with more houses.

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Written by Nellioso

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