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GTA Online: Solo Money Making Guide

Los Santos is a city of bright lights, long nights and dirty secrets, and they don’t come brighter, longer or dirtier than in GTA Online: After Hours. The party starts now.

GTA Online Solo Money Making Guide

Will show you how to make over $3,000,000+ in one day, if you’re committed to repeating it throughout the day.

Guide is broken down into sections and is best to be done in this specific order. If you don’t have everything yet just continue making money on the other steps that you can afford to buy.

I know it’s long-winded, but if you’re a grinder then you’re prepared to read and beat Rockstar at their own game, so sit back and have some motherfoookin Oreos.


  • Nightclub – The one at Downtown Vinewood is one of the best locations.
  • Bunker – Chumash is the best location.
  • Terrorbyte.
  • Import/Export warehouse.
  • 3x CEO crate warehouses (size does not matter).
  • Oppressor Mk II (not essential but it’s a fantastic grinding vehicle, especially collecting crates).

Step 1 – Nightclub

Login to the PC and go to ‘Warehouse Management’, assign Technicians to:

  • Cargo and Shipments (Crate business).
  • Sporting Goods (Bunker business).
  • South American Imports (Cocaine business).
  • Pharmaceutical Research (Methamphetamine business).
  • Cash Creation (Counterfeit Cash business).

Then leave the Nightclub alone, it will generate money as long as you’re in GTA:O. What I like to do is leave my game on all night, you can watch CCTV cameras in bunker or watch TV in your apartment. Make sure you’ve left CEO / MC before afking or your bank account will get drained.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this advice if you’re using a laptop. You DON’T have to leave GTA on all night but it’s where you’re gonna earn quite a bit of cash.

Step 2 – Bunker

Buy ONE batch of supplies for your Bunker. The reason why we do this is so it can produce whilst we are making money elsewhere.

It will produce $140,000 and you can sell $210,000 in Los Santos. Buying one batch of supplies ensures one delivery vehicle. It will take around 2 Hours and 20 Minutes to have full product so make sure you keep track of time. (if you wanna go super tryhard use a stopwatch after your supplies have arrived).

Step 3 – Terrorbyte

Use it to source 3x CEO crates for your first warehouse. Spawn the Terrorbyte before you go in your warehouse, as it helps cut the 5 min cooldown.

After that, repeat the steps for your second and third warehouses. Source 9 crates in total for each warehouse which gives 27 crates in total. The reasoning for 9 crates means you will always have one delivery vehicle.

Step 4 – Import/Export

Source Top Range cars only, to do that you need 10 standard and 10 mid range cars. There is a useful guide below with courtesy of ‘PR GameWorld’.

Source 2x Top Range cars within the hour, alternating with the Crates business until you have 27 crates. Export all Top Range cars to the ‘Specialist Dealer’.

I’d recommend doing Import/Export with at least one other person in the lobby as this will prevent the AI spawning trashing your car.

Step 5 – Selling

There’s a bit of a controversy about selling in full public lobbies due to griefers/modders, however I enjoy the adrenaline rush. You get a 1% bonus, we’re selling $126,000 worth of crates which means we get $1,260 per player, sell populated if you have the guts. It’s a solo guide but if you really want to.. get some friends to protect your a$$. Or if you’re selling solo and someone is trying to kill you just find a new session, or force close the application using Steam’s overlay in an emergency.

You will only lose one create from doing it (- $2,000), so it’s kinda worth the risk selling in populated lobbies.

However as previously mentioned most people might be too worried so if you are and feel left out then you can just do a terrorbyte mission after selling solo for like $32,000 to make you feel better. Also when you’re doing crates and I/E and you see a business battle then take advantage of it to fill up your nightclub faster.

Next thing to do is sell the Bunker, as now it should’ve fully produced. Remember to sell it at Los Santos for maximum profits. You get a slightly better bonus of $2,100 per player, the max you can get is $262,000.

After all the hard grinding all day, sell the Nightclub. I’d recommend doing in a populated lobby as you can earn $1,000,000.


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