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GTA: San Andreas – All Stadium Events

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  1. 8-Track
  2. Blood Bowl
  3. Dirt Track
  4. Kickstart


This race is located in the Los Santos Forum (Los Santos) You have to drive 12 laps in car. You need to have at least a 20% driving skill but once again it is recommended to have 100% driving skill. CJ will be rewarded with $10,000 and a special variant of the Monster will spawn on the Parking lot of the Los Santos Forum.

Blood Bowl

This is not a race, it is an destruction derby inside the Corvin Stadium (San Fierro) you need to have a 20% driving skill to participate. In every Blood Bowl there will be a random guy with an MP5. After winning the Blood Bowl CJ will get $1,000 and even a Bloodring Banger that will spawn outside the Corvin Stadium.

Dirt Track

This race will take place in the Blackfield Stadium (Las Venturas) and it is a bike race. You have to race 6 laps on a Sanchez. There is no restriction to join this race but it is highly recommended to have your bike skill maxed out because there are a couple of jumps. CJ will be rewarded with $25,000 each time you complete it and a BF Injection will spawn in front of the Blackfield Stadium.

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This sidequest is not really a race, you have to score as many points with the Sanchez dirt bike. You can score points by driving through Green, Amber, or Red coronas (checkpoints) you need at least 26 points to win this minigame. CJ will be awarded $100 per point and the maximum amount of money is $,600. After completing for the first time a Dune will spawn in front of the Blackfield Stadium.

Have fun!

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