GTA Vice City – How to fix Unhandled Exception C0000005 at 006F6330

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If you are getting an “Unhandled Exception – C0000005 at 006F6330” error every time you try to run GTA.

Basic fix

The problem is related to the SecureROM DRM.

If you enter the file were the game is instaled then you will see that there are 2 .exe files : testapp.exe and gta-vc.exe.

The “.EXE” SecureROM protection has been removed and replaced with code from Valve that asks the Steam software if they own the game or not. It’s likely that the addresses changed in the EXE. That’s why some mods doesn’t work with the Steam version of the game.

The solution that I read about is kind of complicated and we have next to nothing in detail: “You can try editing the appmanifest to point to a different exe, but the process is complicated F:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps < look at that folder and search for your game’s app id.”‘

So after searching for the path of the manifest and a way to correct edit it, I taught of a simpler solution.

The simplest way to do this is to rename testapp.exe which is the .exe that valve made as the gta-vc.exe and deleate the original .exe and it works after all the manifest links a path to an .exe so if you already have another .exe just name that .exe as the original and this solves the problem!

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