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Gunfire Reborn Lu Wu Boss Fight Guide

Lu Wu is the first boss you’ll encounter and is, in essence, more of a tutorial boss that shouldn’t give you too much trouble even with no talent upgrades unlocked.

Lu Wu Boss Fight Guide

  • Weakness: Electric To Strip His Shield, Fire To Drain His Health.
  • Weakspot: His Head.

How to Beat Lu Wu

Lu Wu’s Arena is made up of a giant square room with 2 pillars near the entrance, each with an exploding barrel, with an outside area straight ahead where the boss jumps down from and will occasionally go back to to regen his shields.

Lu Wu starts of by jumping down into the arena with the player and will then proceed to do a few different attacks;

Laser shot: The boss will very briefly power up his fist to shoot a laser towards the player (indicated by a glow around his fist). Very easy to avoid by dodging, can also be avoided by jumping while moving to the side (although abit inconsistent). Damage = Low.

Boulder throw: The boss will pick up a giant boulder and throw it at the player. A white circle will appear below the player for a brief moment before the boss throws the boulder to that specific location. The trick to avoiding this attack is all about timing your dodge. Too early and you’ll get clipped, just barely, at the outside of the damage AoE. Too late and you’ll take the attack straight to the face. You have to wait to dodge just a split second after the circle shows up underneath you. Once you master the timing it’ll rarely hit you again! Damage = Medium.

Leap attack: The boss will prepare himself to leap towards the player and smash the ground when landing. I’ll have to edit the tell for the this attack since I can’t remember how to recognize it, but as far as avoiding is concerned as soon as the boss jumps in the air you just dodge. I’ve never been hit by this attack on purpose yet (I let myself get hit to test the damage done) since you’ve got plenty of time to react so it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Damage = Medium.

Triple Laser shot: The boss does the EXACT same thing as the first Laser shot attack, except this time he shoots 3 lasers one after the other. He only does this if he’s low enough HP (Around 30% I’d say). Completely avoiding this attack IS possible, but very unlikely. Each shot does so little damage however that even if you get hit by all 3 lasers ( which you shouldn’t ) you’d still live with a comfortable amount of HP left. The way I avoid all 3 shots is dodging the first laser and keep jump strafing the other 2 shots.

Lu Wu will occasionally jump back up to his outside spot where he originally came down from at the beginning of the fight to regen his shields and send a wave of minions out from both the left and right side of the outside hole he jumped through. The minions can be either beatles, kamikaze bombers (the guys carrying the exploding cubes) or a mix of both, never anything else.

Written by Redtastic

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