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Half-Life Alyx – NPC Console Commands

List of console commands for spawning NPCs.

List of NPC Classes

First I’ll just list all the the NPC classes that at least more or less work.

Fully Working NPCs

  • npc_zombie
  • npc_zombie_blind
  • npc_headcrab
  • npc_headcrab_armored
  • npc_headcrab_black
  • npc_headcrab_runner
  • npc_antlion
  • npc_barnacle (spawns on the floor, use the give command to spawn it in the air)
  • npc_combine_s
  • npc_manhack
  • npc_crow
  • npc_seagull
  • npc_pigeon

Somewhat Working NPCs

These ones work fine, they just don’t have a model.

  • npc_rollermine
  • npc_cscanner
  • npc_clawscanner
  • npc_combinegunship
  • npc_combinedropship
  • npc_strider
  • npc_sniper

Almost Working NPCs

npc_metropolice (I gave it a model by moving the metrocop_choreo.vmdl model to where it wanted it to be and changed its name, it actually moves around and tries to shoot you, but it can’t.


I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re called?

These are the things in the curly brackets, like the “additionalequipment weapon_ar2” in

ent_create npc_combine_s {additionalequipment weapon_ar2}

There’s quite a few of these, so I’ll split them up into NPC classes.

every npc

  • model [target_destination] Sets the model the NPC will use
  • targetname [string] Sets the NPC’s name
  • squadname [string] Sets the NPC’s squad


  • model_state [modelstatechoices] This would probably change the zombie type bodygroup, but I’m not sure how it works
  • sprint_proclivity [float] Increases the base chance to Sprint and duration of Sprints, while decreasing the cooldown between Sprints. Set to 1 to leave it as is. 0 to never Sprint.
  • flinch_chance [float] Multiplies the base chance to play Interrupt Flinches. Set to 1 to leave it as is. 0 to never Interrupt Flinch.
  • revivable [boolean] This zombie can be revived by runner headcrabs
  • waitforrevival [boolean] This zombie will spawn as a corpse and do nothing while it waits for a revival.
  • reviver_group [string] If set, this zombie will only be revived by Runner HCs with a matching reviver group.
  • bloater_position [choices] Position of the xen bloater on this zombie, if any.
    -1 : No Bloater, 0 : Chest, 2 : Left Arm, 3 : Right Arm, 4 : Left Leg, 5 : Right Leg
  • turret_position [choices] Position of the xen turret on this zombie, if any.
    0 : No Turret, 1 : Left Shoulder, 2 : Right Shoulder
  • held_object [target_destination] If set to the name of a prop_physics entity, the Zombie will start holding it, and then throw it at the first enemy encountered.


  • spawnflags [65536; 131072] 65536 – Start hidden; 131072 – Start hanging from ceiling
  • startburrowed [boolean] Start burrowed


  • reviver_group [string] If set, this Runner will only attempt to revive zombies with a matching reviver group.


  • model [choices]
    models/characters/combine_grunt/combine_grunt.vmdl : Grunt, models/characters/combine_soldier_captain/combine_captain.vmdl : Officer, models/characters/combine_soldier_heavy/combine_soldier_heavy.vmdl : Charger, models/characters/combine_suppressor/combine_suppressor.vmdl : Suppressor
  • tacticalvariant [choices]
    0 : Normal Tactics, 1 : OBSOLETE – Pressure the enemy (Keep advancing), 2 : OBSOLETE – Pressure until within 30ft, then normal, 3 : Defensive Stance towards Last Seen Position
  • usemarch [choices] When true, will use a variety of more casual walking animations instead of the standard walk. For use in crowds. WARNING: this animation only has a north component. For use under very special circumstances only.
    0 : No, 2 : Yes
  • is_medic [boolean] When true, will carry 4 health vials.
  • prevent_grenade_explosive_removal [boolean] Prevent Grenade Removal On Explosive Damage
  • officer_reinforcements [integer] If this soldier is an Officer, it can call for reinforcements this many times.
  • use_VRstealth_outside_combat [boolean] Support VR player peeking before I’ve ever been in combat.
  • grenade_proclivity [float] Multiplier on the chance to throw grenades, and delay between grenade throws. Set to 1 to leave as default. 0.5 would mean you have twice the chance to throw grenades, and you wait half as long as normal between throws (assuming you have a valid throw)
  • manhack_proclivity [float] Multiplier on the chance to deploy manhacks, and delay between manhack deployments. Set to 1 to leave as default. 0.5 would mean you have twice the chance to deploy manhacks, and you wait half as long as normal between deployments (assuming you have a valid deployment)
  • initial_manhack_delay [float] Delay before releasing manhacks after initial contact with an enemy.
  • sentry_position_name [target_destination] Name of info_target entities used by Suppressors to position themselves, and all Soldiers in Defensive Tactical Variant.


  • spawnflags [choices]
    65536 : Burrow when eluded, 131072 : Use ground checks, 262144 : Worker type
  • startburrowed [boolean] Start burrowed
  • radius [integer] Alert radius
  • eludedist [integer] Distance until eluded, only available when Burrow When Eluded is flagged
  • ignorebugbait [boolean] Ignore bugbait
  • unburroweffects [boolean] Suppress unburrow effects

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