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Halo Infinite Hidden Features (Tips for Beginners)

Tips for Infinite that I think most people aren’t aware of.

Halo Infinite Tips

1. There is a ping feature, called Mark. It can be rebound in the menu, but by default is bound to X.

2. You can now drop your weapon, so running around to find a gun that you can use to drop a power weapon is unnecessary. Bindable in the menu.

3. Flag Holders as well as Skull holders no longer have the added benefit of one-hitting enemy players with their Melee.

4. The Player holding the Oddball melees faster than others, sticking to a corner wall to start beating someone earlier is very useful.

5. Flag Holders can now Sprint.

6. Power Cells can be placed into the Razorback for faster transport to your team’s deposit point.

7. Throw Power Cells with left click to move large amounts of them at once and capitalize on a time advantage; gather teammates to move them even faster.

8. Your microphone can occasionally switch to Open Mic, you can see your audio indicator on the scoreboard to check this.

9. You can grapple enemy players as well as physical objects/vehicles, obvious but keep this in mind to increase your odds of surviving more encounters.

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10. The real strength in shotguns e.g. the Mauler and Bulldog isn’t in their potential to kill quickly, but their ability to guarantee a near instant kill with a shoot + melee combo. Guard flag/skull holders in a tight room with a shotgun and enjoy.

11. There are badges for nearly everything having to do with teamplay, including driving for capable gunners. Don’t feel the need to auto lock yourself into the gunner seat because you want a good score.

12. Courtesy of Rusty Rat;
For those with the need to, weapon viewmodels can be manipulated through the settings menu, at the bottom of the UI tab. This can give you more useable screen space, as well as let you adjust any weapon that might be a bit too cumbersome by default. (Ravager and Skewer?)

Written by Shitwinds

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