Hardspace Shipbreaker Material Value List

Hardspace Shipbreaker Material Value List

A list of the various materials that can be salvaged, and the value received for salvaging them.

Material Value List

Barge Salvage

Most of the values in this table have been checked over independent shifts and come out the same. I haven’t taken the time to get right down to the decimals on the fuel/coolant tanks. The shift report screen rounds to the nearest kg, but I suspect the actual value is calculated to the hundredth of a kg. Because of this, I have a little discrepancy in the values I’ve observed, but they’re very consistent and always within the range posted.

Not that the approximately $50 difference per tank is noticeable against your billion dollar debt. But I felt it important enough to note why they’re different. The same symptom will be quite noticeable in the processor and furnace stages as well.

Pictures may be added later, if I get around to it. Not my first priority.

GeckoAccess Ladder900
AnyAirlock Console45 000
AnyAntenna18 000
AnyAtmosphere Regulator48 000
GeckoBattery Pack21 000
MackerelCargo Hatch63 000
AnyClass I Reactor500 000
GeckoClass I Reactor Plate900
GeckoClass II Reactor3 000 000
AnyComputer Terminal (Cockpit Ceiling)36 000
AnyComputer Terminal (Cockpit Floor)49 250
AnyComputer Terminal (Fuel Shutoff)49 250
AnyCoolant Tank~180 / kg
GeckoCrew Bed6 000
GeckoDoor Console24 000
GeckoECU240 000
AnyEngineering Console24 000
AnyEquipment Mount900
MackerelFlush Switch24 000
AnyFuel Tank~181 / kg
AnyHard Crate18 000
GeckoHeat Sink64 500
GeckoIndustrial Hoist55 500
AnyLight400 – 1100
MackerelNacelle75 000
GeckoPoster2 100
MackerelPower Cell99 000
GeckoPower Generator270 000
MackerelPower Junction Box34 500
AnySeat15 000
GeckoSensor Array90 000
GeckoSensor Tower12 000
GeckoShipping Crate79 500
AnySoft Crate12 000
AnyStorage Bin (Long)24 000
GeckoStorage Bin (3 Drawer)24 000
GeckoStorage Bin (1 Drawer)16 000
AnyThruster Class I195 000
GeckoThruster Class II495 000
MackerelTwin Nacelle150 000

Furnace Salvage

AnyEquipment Mount1 200
AnyFood Pack900
AnyGlass~602 – 608 / kg
MackerelMount~9 – 10 / kg
AnyPanel (Al)12 / kg
AnyScrap0.15 / kg
AnyScrap (Ti)9 / kg
AnyStructure (Al)12 / kg
GeckoTable15 000

Pickup Salvage

Leaving this as its own section. I’m hoping that as the game grows, the list of items here grows with it.

Picked UpSalvageValue
GeckoCoolant Canister110
GeckoFuse24 000

Processor Salvage

GeckoCargo Hatch45 / kg
MackerelClass I Reactor Plate30 / kg
GeckoCoolant Pipe30 / kg
AnyDoor12 000
AnyFuel Pipe~30 – 32 / kg
GeckoHeat Spreader30 000
GeckoKeel (Ti)45 / kg
AnyNanocarbon45 / kg
GeckoNose Rail45 / kg
AnyPanel (Nano)45 / kg
AnyPanel (Ti)~30 – 45 / kg
GeckoPipe Junction~30 – 38 / kg
GeckoRail Guide18 000
GeckoRudder45 / kg
AnyStructure (Ti)45 / kg
AnyThruster Class I Cap46 500

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